Non-religious chocolate egg audit

Will you be having an egg-shaped chocolate treat this Sunday? or somewhen over easter.

  • Yes, I like chocolate
  • No, I’m not a baby!!!
  • Dunno/don’t care/woozle wuzzle

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please give details of any chocolate eggs you will eating below

I will probably buy a chocolate egg a day or two after easter when the price/weight ratio becomes worthwhile. Thanks

I doubt I’ll have one, haven’t in years. Will get some for nieces and nephews though, whatever is on offer in the shop.

i haven’t in years but dunno, might pick up some reduced shite or whatever

Just purchased one for my (muslim) partner, I am anticipating not getting one from her despite being a good christian boy due to my failure to specify exactly which one I want…

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didn’t know it was easter.

Already had one, pal.

what’d you have?

My Mum gave me a ten pack of Guinness as my Easter present.

I doubt I’ll get anything else.

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my brother-in-law has been giving his kids easter eggs (full-size eggs) as snacking chocolate for the past 3 weeks.

I’m not sure why, but I seem to have a problem with this. Maybe I’m jealous?

I have already submitted my suggestion to my bf.
First vegan easter tho but I don’t feel too fussed my chocolate any more.

I will likely get one from the gf and the gf’s parents, and my mum will send me a card with a tenner in it to be spent “on chocolate”. I will probably spend it on chocolate and not drugs.

Maybe it’s the snacking chocolate.

Is that a thing?

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Going round the in-laws for lunch on Sunday. They still do an egg hunt for the TV and his sister who are both in their late 20s. Thought it was ridiculous when the TV told me about it but then it turned out I’d get to join in if I came round so I’ve kept my mouth shut


what have you requested?

more details, people! i want to hear about your #eggs

Ban request

i purchased 4 eggs when i went to Sainsbo’s on Sunday:

  • small Smarties one
  • medium Dairy Milk w/ Oreo one
  • another medium one i’ve forgotten about
  • a large Dairy Milk w/ Caramel one

reckon me and the mrs will be eating lots of chocolate over Easter.

keep forgetting that it’s a four day weekend btw, going to be ace on Friday when i get up and realise

I would like this one.

yep: just my weird phrasing. All chocolate is snacking chocolate tbf.

At first glance I thought that was an egg made of lettuce