Non-religious chocolate egg audit

Is chocolate a snack?

well it’s not a meal is it*

*delicious oaxacan mole excepted

What do you buy for people who don’t really like chocolate/sweets?
I want to get a gift for someone who really isn’t into chocolate

It’s like a treat/pudding isn’t it
You don’t need a chocolate bar like you would a cracker or whatever, but you want it cause its a treat?

Cadbury’s with mini Oreos (wouldn’t have chosen that myself but I am in it just for the egg really).

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Was gonna get that Heston one from 'trose, it’s twenty fucking quid!!!

treat = snack, no?

ah whatever i don’t even really care about this that much

You don’t need a chocolate bar like you need a hole in your head

wow thats rude

It’s suppose to be Prince! You could fit about four of you in me!

Feed the Bamnan. Let him know it’s Easter time.


you’ve had too much sugar already and it’s not even easter

cut him off lads


Are you angry because they removed both the mattresses. Really you should be happy for me.

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I didn’t get the update on that
but yeah I am pretty angry they removed them both

i’d quite like a roary dinosaur

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My parents and nana will send me a few quid. Chances of it going towards drugs are about 60%


I ticked ‘yes, I like chocolate’ but there should be an option for ‘yes; I like chocolate but I’m really not fussed about Easter eggs as they’re terrible value for money, and I would not have bought myself one, but my mother-in-law (for some inexplicable reason) buys Mrs CCB and I an Easter egg every year’.

just click woozle wuzzle ya fucking princess


> Sorry, I do not understand “woozle wuzzle”