Non-Secret Santa Mixtape 2022

How do. In past years (not last year) some of us have produced mixes of our tracks of the year from albums we’ve enjoyed and sent physical copies (CDs) or links to a single continuous mix or set of sequenced tracks (some of us used mixcloud). Unless anyone wants a return to those good old days, I wondered if anyone wanted to use this thread to post their own mixes of this ilk.

Rules are that the tracks must have been released this year (so EPs count) and no repeats. Link to the last time we did this below:

We definitely did a playlist one last year too!

Edit: here’s the thread

I’d prefer a physical CD but I’m in regardless.

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I have a terrible memory. Thanks for reminding me!

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completely failed to do mine last year but i’ll try and make the effort this year


Very happy to do a physical version. My first stab is ready.

Entirely up for this and also very likely not to get around to it. Will out it on my well-intentioned list.

I’m up for this, physical or Mixcloud. I’m planning on doing an episode of The Mire on Dissonance in the next few weeks of some of my tracks of the year so that could suit for the digital version!

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i’m up for doing this! don’t have access to a CD ripper so it’d have to be Mixcloud but I have decks gathering dust so I can promise transitions

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Transitions - now that’s what I’m talking about :smiley: :love_you_gesture: :clap:

Right, Friday beginning of the day bump then, we’re up to:

“I wanna get physical”

“who needs virtual world”

“look what happened to my good intention”

And, er @froglet, please feel free to add yourself to whichever list above. I’ll bump again next week and start making pairings the following weekend.

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I’ll do a Spotify playlist, not got easy access to anything I can burn a CD with

i always liked doing the physical ones in the past but they could be a bit time consuming and not sure my printer works anymore (unless i sneakily print the artwork at work). might just go digital this time

TBH, the CDs are dirt cheap, the stamps are about 70p and I have a printer and ink. I’d be happy to burn, print art and send them out if anyone wants me to. T’is the season to be jolly and all that. I would just need the tracks as mp3s.

I might need to move lists too - @froglet has reminded me I don’t have a CD drive any more either.

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Will have to be a list - no CD drive.

If I can manage a mix though… depends how time goes. Is there a deadline?

midnight on Christmas Eve!

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We’re sharing links with Santa too, aren’t we?

Too right, he needs some choons to make it around the world in 24 hours, ideally about 18 full CDRs worth.

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Also, forgot to say:

80 minute maximum mix length, as we are keeping to a mixtape/CD format, even if doing playlists. Yes, I know cassettes go up to 90 mins (and rarely 120 mins) but those of us doing physical CDs are bound to the 80 minute limit, so that’s your lot for fairness! xx

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