Non-sleeping thread

How’s everyone’s lack of sleep going? I just finished 1Q84 which was not very good, just 1000 pages of very little. Some really nice parts that should stick in the brain. Glad I finished it


Sleeping ok at the moment, although we’re never in bed early enough. I loved 1Q84 though fwiw.

had an absolute shit nights sleep last night. lots on at work and couldn’t switch off, it’s been a while since i slept so badly.

No spoilers please: is the third part 1Q84 any good? Recently finished the first two parts. Thought it started brilliantly, was really enjoying it and then it seemed to tail off a bit when the weird stuff started happening. Do I continue?

Yes. I loved part 3

3rd part tails off even worse tbh


I neither love part 3 nor does it tail off further. (I can’t remember)

1Q84 (parts 1-2) is the book that made me finally kick the murakami habit.

Dreadful stuff.

Full disclosure. I am a fan of Brooklyn 99, How I Met Your Mother, Kate Tempest, and Elbow. Please take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

Well i will say that if you didnt like the weird stuff, it does work it’s way back to being quite conventional.

Did you like it to start with? I thought it was great for a while. Then it just got a bit much, even for Murakami. Like the whole story was pinned on these tenuous assumptions about some total batshit stuff.

Thank you. This is helpful. (FAO @Balonz)

I enjoyed the writing style, of course. And there are some really vivid descriptions that form pleasing pictures in the brain: he’s good at that shit, ain’t he?

BUT it just didn’t seem to gel at all. Like some murakami knock-off was chucking all the dozens of murakami tropes at an overlong story and hoping it would stick together somehow. Felt like I’d read it all before.

Hmm… not seen it, shit, worse than shit, pretty great. Mixed bag there. Probably a small pinch required.

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Aye, true. It’s peak Murakami, which is a good and bad thing.