Non-UK Gigs and Venue Chat

Have some great venues in Ireland.

There’s a venue in Toronto called the Bovine Sex Club that I can’t wait to say I’ve visited.

Sala Apollo in Barca is good other than the time I saw Godflesh and they fucking sucked ass

Went to New Jersey for work and took a couple days holiday in NYC over the weekend, ended up going to see Cloud Nothings play at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Felt a bit pukey for some reason but still enjoyed the gig. Seem to remember some hole in the wall kitchen through the back dishing out Polish food which I wish I’d felt up for trying.

Saw Arcade Fire at a festival in New Orleans. It was the night they recorded crowd noise for the hook on Everything Now so my voice is on Arcade Fire’s worst record.

The Horrors at The Neptune in Seattle. They were fine. My friend I was staying with really wanted to go. I think a day later we passed another venue and they still had the Melvins name on the marquee from the night before and I kinda wish I’d seen the Melvins in Seattle, think that would have been cool. But then I saw them in Glasgow a few years later and they were just fine as well.

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The National @ Le Zenith, Paris (2013) - arena but felt pretty intimate to the point that Matt Berninger could walk all the way to the back of the seating during Mr November and then back through the crowd to the stage
Run The Jewels @ Pan Piper, Paris (2013) - probably the smallest venue I’ve seen a big act in, to the point that I got a picture with them as they were signing stuff afterwards. It felt more like a cross between a club and an exhibition space
Albert Hammond Jr/Father John Misty @ Stereolux, Nantes (2015) - good venue with a VERY quiet crowd. Almost like a larger soundproofed studio. The AHJ gig was a very scary and strange experience as it was the same night as the Paris attacks so no one had a clue about what had happened until after the gig had finished
Transmusicales Festival, Rennes (2015) - one of the weirdest festivals I’ve been to in terms of venue. Seeing Rival Consoles playing in what felt like a massive air hangar in the middle of some kind of industrial estate with barely anyone watching was bizarre

The Paradiso is a Magical venue - be be sure which room it is - they have a smaller room upstairs generally used by non headline acts, which I suspect Soccer Mommy may not be yet in that ‘territory’.

Just checked and they are playing Bitterzoet, an entirely different venue (run by the same people as Paradiso).

Very cool and intimate place, but not the legend that is Paradiso.


To be fair, there are a lot of really good music venues in the Netherlands

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Saw Interpol at Kulturkirche in Cologne in 2008, interesting to go to a venue in the suburbs and see a different side to somewhere.


Saw Smog and Sonic Youth (separate nights) in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels back in 2000… Was in Brussels for a month with my first job after college and it makes me feel very old.
Both gigs were were fantastic and it is or it was then anyway, a lovely venue.
More recently, went to Mad Cool in Madrid with my daughter en route to a family wedding in Portugal in 2017 and saw Spoon, Warpaint, Foo Fighters, Kurt Vile and a few others.
My wife and I saw Low in Vienna in 2018 and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Amsterdam in 2017.

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I’ve been there a few times. Good venue - strong beer selection…

Saw Godspeed, Battles and Mogwai in Toronto all in the same week when I happened to be visiting in 2011. Godspeed was at Lee’s Palace which was an awesome venue. Can’t remember where the other venues were. Went to Berlin Festival in 2010 which was in an abandoned airport and headlined by LCD Soundsystem. Also saw Hot Chip, Fever Ray & Atari Teenage Riot(!) among others. Amazing festival.

Been to a few in Kyiv varying in scale from Krobak’s last ever gig at Mezzanine to Океан Ельзи at Olympiskiy with DakhaBrakha supporting on Ukrainian Independence Day :ukraine: (£15 for standing tickets). Was planning on going to Atlas Weekend this year…

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Saw The War On Drugs in quite a small venue in Indianapolis in 2015 when they were touring Lost In The Dream. Was an amazing gig, just felt like the perfect place to see them really. Subsequently saw them headlining a big outdoor show a few years later & it was really dull by comparison.

Just about to get on a flight to Amsterdam and head to Paradiso tonight to see Japanese Breakfast. Anyone been there recently and know if it’s got decent options for tasty beers, or if there is something else nearby? Cheers :slight_smile:

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Not been for a few years but Cafe de Balie next door has good beer.

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De Spuyt bar is less than five mins away - excellent selection of beer last time I was there.