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I like how everyone makes the effort to pronounce Chile properly

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Chilly or chi-lay

Rhymes with file or style



Very sad.

Coupled with the BMJ’s published findings this week that Beijing sanctioned forced sterilisations and abortions on Uyghurs Muslims, why is there no China atrocities thread on here?

It’s often been discussed in other disparate threads, but if you think it would help, you can start you own one, if you want.

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Christ that’s some bleak polling

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While it is obviously great that the new Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, has all these plans to reform society and make Chile a better, more progressive place, a word of warning may be warranted.

In both the lower and upper houses of Congress there are many political parties, each with their own agenda. Following last month’s general election, the left wing coalition has now a small majority (79 seats vs 74 for the right wing coalition, and 2 independents) in the lower house, but this is not the case in the senate (23 seats on the left, 25 seats on the right and 2 independents). It will take a lot of political acumen to guide new proposals successfully through Congress.


Might listen in to this

Had never heard of him before today. Kind of wish i had kept it that way :confused: what an absolutely vile man. V worrying to see him polling at 10+%


@Hostile_17 apparently that polling was used by francois bayroux (a former lib-dem type minister) to justify calling for mayors to nominate the two fascists for election. each candidate must receive 500 mayor nominations as a prerequisite and the two fascists were only at about 400 for a while, but they’re both in now. the nouveau parti anticapitaliste candidate didn’t make it this time, like they have previously, 270 odd this time.

saw le pen grinning from a magazine cover puff piece this morning :grimacing: and a local newspaper reported on the death of ‘trotskyist’ alain krivine, so from a cursory glance it looks like french discourse might be broader than uk

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Pretty major diplomatic realignment for Armenia. Possibly spurred by the fact that their partnership with Russia is not as tenable in the current circumstances.

got it wrong- phillipe poutou from npa did get the 500 mayor nominations.

macron put out a tribute to krivine- signals to leftists in a low cost way a difference between him and a fascist in hypothetical run off

Yeah zemmour has been one of those growing problems for a while now - it’s not unlike that realisation that farage was beginning to legitimise far right views in ways that Griffin couldn’t.

Le Pen is ‘fortunately’ never going to cede far right power to him i don’t think, so they’ll hopefully remain with a split vote.

But with Pecresse polling better by the day and Zemmour on the rise it’s pretty portentous.

The second-round vote usually means you prevent disaster in france (relatively). But there’s genuine worry now, for the first time among the usually chill frenchies in the centre, that you’re gonna end up one day with a pecresse zemmour final.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is completely insufficient and there are literally countless numbers of examples of genocide, cultural destruction, slavery etc that this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

But this is, in the context of the Catholic Church, write a “big deal”. So there’s perhaps a glimmer of hope that it is at least one tentative step forward towards true acknowledgement and reparations.

Should clarify that when I say it’s a big deal in the context of the church, I mean the Vatican. There are cardinals, bishops, religious orders etc who are way ahead on this stuff. But the Vatican is a different beast.

Completely understand people responding with anger though. The atrocities are beyond comprehension.


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chris is good



This should be on the news too