Non-UK political happenings thread

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Baffling that anyone would look at that and follow through with the fine. Bueaucracy at its worst.

Are they going to go back and apply it to the hundreds of years before that?

Feels very much like it ties in with Liz Truss’ speech- using state equality systems to deliberately crack down on progress

I do find it kind of awe inspiring how the right have learnt to do this. I just heard a clip of Robert Jenrick answering a question about Cummings’ obscene pay rise, which consisted of (a) but this is a normal salary for a powerful position, and (b) but of course we recognise that the British people don’t want to see public sector pay rises when those workers already earn more than those in the private sector.

Reassuring stuff


Protests still ongoing in Belarus, every day since the rigged election there. 169 people are currently wrongfully detained: Political prisoners in Belarus

There’s a really cool site here that directs you on how to send postcards to political prisoners to show that the world has not forgotten them or their struggle (they have to be written in Russian/Belarusian to reach the prisoners but it says it’s ok to use Google Translate!), and it generates a new prisoner each time you load it: Postcard campaign for political prisoners in Belarus | Libereco


I got the impression from DiS that Macron was historically unpopular. That doesn’t appear to be true?

you joking this is exactly what they do when the polls get a bit worrying.

This scandal happened during the previous government, a coalition of VVD (Rutte’s party) and PvdA (Labour). The leader of PvdA has resigned. There is no question that Rutte will resign, and the government wil only collapse if one of the other three parties in the current coaltion abandons ship. There are further crisis talks planned for tomorrow, and the oppostion is planning a no confidence vote for next week’s parliamentary debate.

Regardless, there is a general election on 17 March. My postal voting form arrived earlier in the week.

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you 'eard.

i mean in regards to

i know that’s the point of your post.
you 'eard

Are you saying that they would resign?

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According to a poll by I&O Research, only 8% of Dutch voters think the entire government should resign.

no i’m saying they’d become more popular, in fact they might do this on purpose to become more popular if they took a hit in the polls about something else.

yeah I know

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Just saw that.

One government minister will resign immediately and not be part of the caretaker government, given his past involvement in the benefit scandal. Rutte is about to give a press conference (in 5 mins).

Prime minister Rutte has just finished his press conference.

While he recognizes that the child benefits scandal has caused enormous financial and mental suffering for the people who were affected by it, he claims it is a failure of “the system” and not of individuals (and certainly not him), and as such it is the collective responsibility of the Rutte III government to deal with the conclusions of the parliamentary investigation. That is why he has offered the government’s resignation to the King. Minister Wiebes’ decision to leave his post with immediate effect was his own choice, and not forced by Rutte or anyone else in the government.

Despite being in charge as prime minister for the full period that the benefit scandal took place, Rutte doesn’t think he is directly responsible for what has happened. He will not resign as leader of his party and it is up to voters in the general election on 17 March to decide if he should return or not.

Oh wow, don’t know what to make of this. Have been hearing updates on this scandal for months, but naively just assumed it was one of those things that would end up being shrugged off or with minimal actual consequence in the end, quite shocked at this.