Non-UK political happenings thread

Really appreciate this summary, thanks.

Been trying to learn as much information as I can about this election, but my naivity of this country in addition to the politics of coalition formation mean that I’ve missed a lot of nuance with the number shifts and this has helped.


Dutch elections - exit polls

Polling stations closed half an hour ago and the exit polls have just been released.

The above lists seats (not percentages). There are 150 seats available, so a coalition government needs at least 76 to have a majority.

Biggest winners are prime minister Rutte’s VVD. Big surprise is the result for one of the other governing parties, D66. If this is correct they are almost guaranteed to be able to continue in government. The two parties only need to find another 14 seats, which current coalition partner CDA can deliver. In this case the 4th coalition partner, the CU, will end up empty handed.

The first reliable projection of the actual election results is expected by midnight local time (11 PM in the UK)

Yesterday at a press conference Aussie right-wing PM Scott Morrison took a pre-arranged question at a press conference with a pre-rehearsed answer.

We know this because he works for Fairfax/9 and the Sydney Morning Herald which is F/9 paper published not only the question but his precise answer noting it had been received on Wednesday Morning, but they did it 30 minutes before he answered.


Dutch elections - results

With almost 80% of votes counted, this is what the seat count looks like:

VVD: 36 (+3)
D66: 24 (+5)
PVV: 17 (-3)
CDA: 15 (-4)
SP: 9 (-5)
PvdA: 9 (0)
FvD: 8 (+6)
GroenLinks: 7 (-7)
Partij voor de Dieren: 6 (+1)
ChristenUnie: 5 (0)
JA21: 4 (+4)
Volt: 3 (+3)
SGP: 3 (0)
Denk: 2 (-1)
50Plus: 1 (-3)
BoerBurgerBeweging: 1 (+1)

Winners are the right of centre liberals VVD, the left of centre liberals D66, the far right FvD, the pro-animal PvdD, the far right JA21, the pro-European Volt and the farmer protest group BBB.

Two left wing parties that both have their origins in communism, the SP and GroenLinks, suffer bad defeats.

The next government will most likely be a continuation of the current one, VVD+D66+CDA, with prime minister Rutte at the helm for a record breaking 4th term.

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This is the defining image of the Dutch elections

D66 party leader Sigrid Kaag celebrating her party’s landslide result.

(photo taken by Martijn Beekman for the ANP news agency)

Looks like a promo shot for a new play


Or a Cold War Steve

Is that Klopp with his arms above his head?


hardly been engaged with this cos i couldn’t vote and it’s just got me down so much, so fucking depressing seeing Rutte sail through the benefits scandal barely scathed.

collapse of the bigger left parties is also depressing, friends that i spoke too all voted for partij voor de dieren or bij1

i’ve got a headache and feeling lazy, but why is there a party for animals

left wing party primarly focused on animal rights and welfare, seem like a decent bunch

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Contrary to the preliminary results posted earlier today upthread^, it looks extremely likely now that BIJ1 have won a seat in parliament.

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that is a small silver lining

Does this mean that the Dutch parliament gets to…


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Not sure that’s an appropriate image, given who their newly elected MP is …


#WankGate is trending on Twitter in Australia because a bunch of Liberal Party staffers have been sending videos of them wanking all over parliament including one of a guy on a female MP’s desk. Fucked up, especially on top of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. The guy in question has been summarily sacked obviously.

Scott Morrison decided to up the ante though. A Sky News guy questioned his ability to lead and Morrison replied to claim there was an ongoing sexual assault case with Sky News’s HR:

Obviously he was then questioned how come he knew and why he was airing what was probably a private matter:

and the Sky News guys are now saying they’ve not heard anything about it, although obviously that leaves it unclear as to whether it’s just made up or actually was privileged information the PM has just splashed across a press conference.

It’s honestly pretty disturbing stuff.


Scott Morrison still a sexist clown car

It’s an almost good and but niche April fools!

I’ve sometimes idly considered how much worse Bolsonaro would have to handle things before the Brazilian military would consider intervening.