Non-UK political happenings thread

Yeah realised I went in and made a bit of a twat of myself, just because I felt like these kind of posts from Hoogy are useful when you’re not familiar with a situation in a particular country, and also too lazy to start checking through various newspaper. Like I almost always am.

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Smear campaigns are part and parcel of elections. It should be noted though that in the first round Castillo performed well in the Peruvian highlands that sufffered the most from terrorist bloodshed in the past.

Absolutely. Although many middle class urban voters are more likely to vote for Fujimori regardless.

I was pretty much ignorant of this conflict until today. Spent about an hour reading various sources of info. Jesus fuck. I would’ve like to have thought that a situation like this wouldn’t be largely ignored in 2021. Obviously not.

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There does seem to be very little reliable/quality information about it. It’s been clear for months that there is a growing risk of famine and that thousands of people could starve to death.

Practically what could be done about this though? It’s a remote part of the country and the government quite explicitly doesn’t want any interference from the outside.

Sorry I’m not really sure what you want me to say. I’m not claiming to have special knowledge or the ability to bring about a diplomatic resolution to this situation.

It’s still valid and important to talk about things we can’t fix.

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At the very least the international community could exert significant diplomatic pressure to get the Ethiopian/Eritrean armies to let some bloody food shipments through, no?


True that European media has been hugely underreporting and the international community has been largely unresponsive on Tigray though, much to the frustration of the org I work for and others that have been reporting on the unfolding situation for the last half year and more


Yeah wasnt suggesting that nobody has noticed it (and linked to several reports).

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No, it wasn’t meant as a ‘well actually’ …I agree that mainstream interest in the situation has been woefully poor

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It looks like Belarussian agents called in a false bomb threat on a RyanAir flight, in order to ground it and arrest a journalist.

From this

This is being reported


A lot of important stuff here

Canada gets such a free pass as the ‘nice’ version of the US when it has so much shit like this in its closets.


yeah eight days of mourning in Ottawa for Prince Philip I think it was, but not for this

Candle In the Wind was No. 1 for 46 weeks

a good recent anti colonial film. very upsetting content…
BBC iPlayer - Arena: African Apocalypse

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Thanks for this, will watch x

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