Non-UK political happenings thread

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been removed from power and detained by the army, Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf announced on state television.

“I announce as minister of defence the toppling of the regime and detaining its chief in a secure place,” Auf said.

Seated on a gold-upholstered armchair, Auf announced a three-month state of emergency, a nationwide ceasefire and the suspension of the constitution. He also said Sudan’s air space would be closed for 24 hours and border crossings shut until further notice. A two-year transition government administered by the military would take over before general elections will take place in 2021.




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edit: i had a question related to it about if/how the netanyahu government uses Israel’s tech/science programmes to any particular propaganda end, as i haven’t read mich about that aspect of it.

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Election day in Indonesia

  • Voting has ended but due to restrictions imposed by election authorities, exit polls have not been published yet
  • Local media are reporting some logistical hitches in the easternmost province of Indonesia. The authorities said they are discussing solutions for the issues
  • While this is a simultaneous election in which voters are choosing the president and parliament, the focus is on who will win the presidency: incumbent Joko Widodo or challenger Prabowo Subianto


Joko Widodo, the current president, was a surprise winner in 2014 and the first president that didn’t come from a military background or the political elite. As president, Jokowi has impressed voters with his commitment to building infrastructure and social welfare, but has drawn criticism for failing to address past human rights abuses and chronic corruption, and most recently for leveraging the state apparatus, including law enforcement agencies and Islamic groups, to solidify his support base.

Prabowo Subianto is a former army general and fiery nationalist. He is also the son-in-law of former longtime ruler Suharto, so he has very much the opposite of Widodo in terms of being part of the ruling elite.

193 million Indonesians are registered to vote today.


largest communist movement in the world too iirc?

Don’t think so.

The communist movement was violently suppressed in 1965 and has never recovered.

didn’t they organise that mass strike a few month back? what am i thinking of…


Imprisoned at the facility where he would have dissidents executed now as well

Exit polls are in: they all predict a win for Jokowi, with a lead varying between 53.8% and 55.8%

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While the spotlight is on the presidential race, Indonesians also voted for their parliamentary and regional representatives today. Exit polls predict that the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle and Golkar, which back Jokowi, are leading with 24% and 15% respectively. Democrat Party and Gerindra, which back Prabowo, follow with 10% each.

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i could have sworn indonesia had a mass strike too (i know very little about indonesia tho)

Not since 2012/2013, i.e. before Jokowi came to power.

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Current polls suggest Zelenskiy winning by a huge margin in Ukraine’s run-off on Sunday. Poroshenko camp hoping to get televised debate squeezed in for Friday. Will be an absolute car crash of an event if it happens.

According to AFP earlier today:

Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko have finally agreed to a debate to close the presidential campaign. The press teams of both candidates confirmed the pair would meet on Friday afternoon at a sports arena that seats 70,000 people, ahead of Sunday’s decisive second-round vote.

With Zelensky scoring 72% support to Poroshenko’s 25%, according to the most recent opinion poll, this could be the last chance the incumbent has to boost his flagging campaign.

Indonesia update

With about 95% of the vote counted it is certain that current president Joko Widodo (aka Jokowi) has won the election in Indonesia with a margin of at least 7 percentage points. While election authorities must confirm any final outcome over the next few weeks, results from private companies have proven accurate in past elections.

A second term for Jokowi indicates a renewed focus on the reforms that marked his first term, including development of infrastructure, free education and new jobs. Jokowi has sought to co-opt a number of Islamic conservatives, including picking a leading Muslim cleric in Ma’ruf Amin as his running mate.

According to some Kyiv-based reporters, no one expects this to go smoothly and some are even suggesting that one or both candidates might not turn up. Whatever happens, it’s not going to be particularly warm in that stadium on Friday night.

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