Non-UK political happenings thread

Withdrawal of support from Vänsterpartiet (the Left party) that seems to have triggered his - really hope they don’t live to sorely regret that. I am probably wrong, but I believe that in Sweden if they have a snap election now they still have to have another one next year?

It’s all very strangely poised but ’marknadshyra’ would have been a disaster for social welfare and S+MP have been drifting right quite considerably, trying to claw over votes from Moderaterna that don’t want to countenance going together with SD

The bill to make 2016’s ’temporary’ immigration changes permanent that should have been voted on this week is a stinker & totally counter-productive to its professed aims

And I’ve seen polls of 70-95% opposition to ’marknadshyra’

Löfven has fucked it

Whether this means a new election or whether the speaker is tasked with organising a new Govt remains to be seen. You’d imagine Löfven has gotta resign either way

But if Löfven resigns, S get a new leader, the new leader drops ’Marknadshyra’ and Vänster comes back into the fold then the Govt marches on in its current form and V defeats the bill

Alternatively … M+KD letting SD into govt without an election run on that platform will be EXTREMELY controversial and would have no mandate from the people.

M+KD trying to form a Govt together with no formal powersharing with SD will not fly with SD - or with the speaker

The old Allians (M+KD+L+C) is broken & is 1 short of the numbers anyway

So without a new election it will just be impasse until S & V sort themselves out, or a new election happens

If we do have a new election I’m pretty sure that V will win votes from MP+S and increase their vote share…and then M+KD+SD will have to run on a joint platform. L will probably not make the 4% threshold and C will likely join MP+S (rather than accepting an SD constellation) with tacit support from V in most issues

Then there’s the chance that Löfven will stay & try and limp on as a minority Govt until the election next year

At the end of the day the politics can all be negotiated but the social impact of removing all rent controls and allowing private landlords to set market prices would be devastating for Sweden and a change unlikely ever to be reversed

Vänster have taken a huge risk but I think they’ve calculated all the consequences

Thanks for the detail - I don’t know many people here with much interest in politics, and have been largely going by the radio and tabloids, which is never great. But I was under the impression Lovfen had already resigned? The rags like Aftonbladet seemed to be poking fun at V for backtracking and saying they want him to return.

Sounds at least like there is some reason to be quietly optimistic as to how this pans out. I need to follow whats going on in V a bit (lot) more really.

nope, he has a week to decide

this Guardian article that @stupidsexyflanders posted earlier is basically sound (though lacks detail)

And this Aftonbladet article (in Swedish of course) has all the necessary procedural detail

Aftonbladet think that the most likely result is that Löfven will drop the Marknadshyra bill or negotiatie a version that might satisfy V and once again regain the support of V and stay as Prime Minister.

V would never accept Ulf Kristersson as PM anyway and neither would S or MP so he wouldn’t have the numbers for anything other than a minority govt so there’d be a continued stalemate

Don’t think that either Löfven or the Speaker of the House would call an extra election now … could be wrong though

also, there’s no guarantee that an extraval would change the bloc numbers anyway

This is of course significant foreplay in the run up to next year’s election, whatever happens

Nice one - been busy all day with work then midwife then playing footy, but will have a proper read tonight. Could do with a bit of Swedish practice too!

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It’s not that straightforward though I don’t think - apparently he’s already promised the EU that the marknadshyra bill will be part of their Covid recovery plan. So I don’t think it’s necessarily straightforward to drop.

well yeah, but you missed the rest of my sentence :slight_smile:

also, Löfven might have a new calculation to make vis-a-vis what a potential ex-Prime Minister can afford to promise the EU

Incidentally, I really don’t want the EU angle to be something that interferes too much in this question because one of my biggest fears is that (M+)SD are gonna try and divide & conquer Sweden with a Swexit …and I do not want anything to feed that narrative

More discoveries this week

May as well call it what it is, ethnic cleansing on a mass scale.


There will be so many more. Canada continues to be constituted by genocide.

Hate the cunt.


Remember when Trump was elected, and there were all those “Avengers Assemble” type memes with him, Macron, Merkel and Obama. Halcyon days.


Wish the Brazilian election was sooner, stresses me out that Lula’s polling so high but there’s more than a year to go

Thank you for reminding me of this, one of the greatest pieces of art ever put into existence :smiley:

I’m not sure Bolsonaro will hang on til next year, but at the same time I think a 2nd impeachment in 10 years would be so awful for Brazil. What a mess.

They haven’t given a shit in the other countries where their orphanages have been found with mass graves, don’t know why they would start now. :confused:


Yeah I dont know many local sources on this sorry. Cant read the local languages etc. I just follow a few academics from the region or who have expertise.

For general news from the continent I use AllAfrica which is a syndication site. QuartzAfrica is quite good for business and technology news. The New Humanitarian is good for aid ‘industry’ perspectives but it isn’t particularly critical.

Anyone know of particularly good sources that arent just Western NGOs and new outlets?

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