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Not sure it actually says it in that article but he has been handed 15 months in prison

pretty huge deal


The JNE is still working its way through the appeals logged by the Fujimori camp against the outcome of the presidential election. On Monday it turned down 10 appeals (3 unanimously and 7 by a majority vote) and on Tuesday another 7 appeals (all by majority vote) as well as rejecting 1 appeal because of procedural errors.

Speaking on behalf of Peru’s Transition and Emergency Government, yesterday senior minister Silvia Loli asked the country to stay calm and trust the work of democratic institutions. She indicated that the JNE must complete its work and stressed the importance of respecting the popular will.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s office has ordered a criminal investigation into the audio recordings in which the jailed former head of Peru’s intelligence services Vladimiro Montesinos requests that money be delivered to JNE members. It has already been confirmed that Montesinos made phone calls to numbers for which he had not had any authorisation.

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Very :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: at the people on the ground in the very near vicinity when that toppled.


The elections in Brazil are not until October 2022.

The official visit of CIA director William J Burns to Brazil last Thursday wasn’t very secret, here is he posing with his hosts:


Bolsonaro second from left, Burns in the centre, also featuring Alexandre Ramagem (head of Brazil’s ABIN intelligence agency), US ambassador Todd Chapman and government minister Augusto Heleno (Institutional Security).

The meeting focused on security issues in South America and also served the US government to strengthen its anti-China offensive, pressuring the Bolsonaro government to create barriers to Huawei’s participation in Brazil’s future 5G networks.

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I know absolutely nothing about the politics of Haiti but this is pretty shocking

Awful. Sounds like his wife was seriously injured too. :pensive:

Haitian Prime Minister is quoted as saying "a group of unidentified individuals, including some speaking Spanish, attacked the private residence of the president and fatally injured the head of state” and suggested that ‘foreign elements’ were included in the group (though The Guardian stress this quote is through other news sources and has not been independently verified)

Really awful. I’d been reading about the (tw: violence, ableism) murders of deaf women in Haiti recently, which is pretty hard to read. Murder of three deaf women in Haiti must be a starting point for change | Working in development | The Guardian but I’m not sure this attack has anything to do with that.

This is an interesting way for the BBC to frame ‘crippling debt imposed by France’.

Chronic instability, dictatorships and natural disasters have left the country, with a population of 11 million, one of the poorest nations in the Americas.

Yahoo News are now reporting this:

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Peru update

The JNE has completed its review of 48 claims regarding irregularities during the second round presidential elections and rejected them all. Defeated candidate Keiko Fujimori can appeal the decision of the electoral court. Any appeal will be considered and decided upon in the next three days.

The official proclamation of Pedro Castillo as Peru’s president is expected in the next five days. In any case, the proclamation should come before 28 July, when the next president is due to take over.

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The proclamation date has been confirmed as 20 July (next Tuesday).

I dunno somehow this information seems a little biased

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Is it okay to say that I hope he fucking dies? Because I hope he fucking dies.


Bolsonaro will die (eventually), we can be certain of this.


Should Bolsonaro have to resign from the presidency due to illness or death, he will be replaced by the Vice President.

Current Vice President is Hamilton Mourão, a former general and member of the far-right PRTB party. He has many controversial views, including his support for the 1964-1985 military dictatorship.

In this scenario the next presidential elections will take place in October 2022 as planned. Only if both the President and Vice President are unable to govern, early elections will be called.

“I, Jair Bolsonaro, having committed the regrettable error of dying, am handing in my resignation. I will be taking no further question at this point… because I am dead”

I know what you were getting at :wink:


It should be noted that while Fujimori has said yesterday that she will recognize the results, because “that’s what the law and the constitutions I swore to defend mandate”, she continues to maintain that the election was stolen from her: “the electoral court judges will validate a process full of irregularities”.

The JNE proclaimed Pedro Castillo to be Peru’s next president late last night. He will be inaugurated on 28 July.