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Election results - Spain

PSOE - 123 seats (was 85)
PP - 66 seats (was 137)
Podemos - 43 seats (was 45)
Ciudadanos - 57 seats (was 32)
Vox - 24 seats (election debutants)

176 seats are required to form a majority government. For a left of centre coalition (i.e. PSOE + Podemos) support from one or more of the smaller parties is welcome, and the Basque nationalists PNV (6 seats) have already offered their help.

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There’s that many votes to count that officials are dropping dead due to exhaustion (272) according to the electoral commission


Speaking to Spanish radio station Cadena SER today, deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo (pictured above) said PSOE’s priority would be to “try to form a government alone”, in other words not a coalition but a minority government instead, something the party has been doing since June last year.

Spain is the only country among the larger EU countries to have not had a coalition government in the past 40 years.


Vox’s propaganda - yeah, that’s their leader


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South Africa - general election - Wednesday 8 May

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s bid to consolidate his grip on power and revive the flagging economy in the aftermath of Jacob Zuma’s scandal-marred rule faces a critical test in today’s sixth post-apartheid national election.

While opinion polls point to the ruling ANC extending its quarter-century monopoly on power, Ramaphosa needs a decisive win to quell opposition in his faction-riven party to push through reforms needed to increase growth in Africa’s most-industrialised economy. The ANC’s main challengers among 48 parties contesting the national vote are Mmusi Maimane’s center-right DA and the populist Economic Freedom Fighters, led by former ANC youth wing leader Julius Malema.

Voting for the 400-member National Assembly and nine provincial legislatures is due to run from 7 AM to 9 PM local time. Final results are scheduled to be released by 11 May, and a first meeting of the new parliament has been provisionally set for 22 May. The country’s president is officially elected at that sitting.


India - general election

The last of seven phases of general elections concludes on Sunday.

The final vote count will be out on Thursday (23 May) but exit poll data is likely the dominate the news from Monday. Opinion polls have been more polarised this time, with the incumbent BJP+allies (aka NDA) estimated to win anywhere between 185 to 290 seats (272 being the magic number). Though concerns around a fractured government mandate exist, notable sentiment is still with the NDA getting over/very close to the victory line.


India general election

Exit polls have been published and although they are notoriously unreliable in India, it appears that Modi has won the election and will be able continue as prime minister.

Official results are out on Thursday.

(272 seats needed for majority)