Non-UK political happenings thread


have been reading about fascism in india this week, and am struck by how it has definitely evolved into something a little more diffuse and decentralized than what we think of as traditional fascism. you see this same phenomenon replicated in south america, the USA, europe and the UK, where daily repression becomes normalised and occasionally explodes into violent acts that (very, very) occasionally make headlines. was particularly horrified by this quote from an indian communist party member:

In 2015, a mob in Dadri (Uttar Pradesh) alleged that Mohammed Akhlaq slaughtered a cow, so they killed him. This crime was justified by the RSS-BJP. It was a sign of what was to come. The frequency of mob lynching has made the crime almost normal. You can be lynched for what you eat, for what you are, for what you say and for whom you want to marry. The RSS-BJP seem to suggest that some lynching is good, that those who participate in this kind of lynching are not criminals but heroes. BJP ministers go to events and garland the criminals who lynched our fellow citizens. This is a very dangerous shocking and reprehensible situation.

What do they say is a good lynching? If a mob kills a Muslim man who dares to marry a Hindu girl–what the BJP sensationally calls Love Jihad–that is seen as a good lynching. If a mob attacks Muslims for offering prayers in a public space, that is seen as a good lynching. If a mob attacks young couples for celebrating Valentine’s Day, that is seen as a good lynching. In each case, the mob is defended by the RSS-BJP.

It is equally disturbing that the police in many cases and sometimes also the judiciary have been protective towards these men. False charges are made against the families of those who are killed by the mob, and the courts have taken these charges seriously. Mohammad Akhlaq’s family has been threatened with arrest for cow slaughter–which never happened. It is a totally false case. Meanwhile, the killers of Mohammed Akhlaq walk the streets. Junaid Khan–killed on a local train in 2017–is unlikely to get justice. The First Information Report of the police suggests that Junaid Khan’s killers did so in self-defence. Once you accept that there is ‘good lynching’, there is no end to this nightmare.

this article in jacobin is a decentish overview


The party’s victory is the third for the Nordic centre-left in the past year: Finland’s Social Democrats narrowly won elections in April on a promise to raise taxes to increase social spending levels, while Sweden’s centre-left party held on to power last year by pledging welfare reforms.

Dodgy on immigration, though, seeing the party lose more votes to those on the left than it gained from parties to the right.

But overall, taken alongside the EU results showing a shift away from the right, and the Istanbul result, this shows there’s cause for some positivity that all the Rainy Fascist Island and Drumpf shite isn’t necessarily the prevailing trend, right?