Non-UK political happenings thread

Looks great in caps


No confidence vote when

Oh brilliant a Le Pen Presidency, that’s good for everyone.

Macron should try not being a fascist, I hear that helps boost popularity with the troublesome trade unions.

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I mean, tabling no confidence votes in France is extremely different to it happening. And it’s not gonna.

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That’s a flaggin for the French then


Xi has concluded his meeting.

Anyone know what’s going on with the huge protest outside the Indian embassy?

There’s about 25 police vans and horses down here.

I got something about Sikh separatists wanting their own state called Khalistan but not much else…

There was a protest there the other day and a window was smashed / the flag vandalised. There’s another protest today and presumably no chances being taken.

(And yeah, it seems to be about separatism, but I don’t know more than you!)

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