Non-UK political happenings thread

His nickname in Argentina is El Peluca (the wig).


this amnesty Pedro’s offering is gonna get ugly I reckon. he was already unpopular before the election because of his deal making with separatist parties, so god knows what this is gonna do to the PSOE now.

could hypothetically turn out well for regional parties long term if it means they can be king makers like this, but unless for example, the BNG in GZ just outright distance themselves from these Catalans, I reckon the PP will get an even bigger voteshare here as they swallow up more of the middle aged voters as the conservative emigrant generation that returned after Franco die off.

You can donate to support the documentation of the lives of Palestinians and ensure families that was have been abolished annhialated are remembered. I don’t know who runs this and it perhaps isn’t very transparent but there’s lots of initiatives that have started as people / groups of friends and don’t have the time/knowledge/resources to do things more ‘professionally’.

Dunno if anyone here is following the presidential election in Argentina (I’m not - John Oliver did a bit on it the other week) but there’s a good piece here on it

Basically it’s come down to an anarcho-capitalist who has wields a chainsaw at campaign events and has proposed shutting the central bank and allowing private companies to negotiate trade deals, and the current economy minister. Oh, and did I mention inflation is currently running at 140%? So that’s a good endorsement of at least one of the candidates :clap:

Not sure Cpt Chainsaw will be able to do these things if he is elected, but if he does win, whatever happens it’s gonna be a wild ride…

I’m imagining him using it to cut red tape


So he’s basically a Lib Dem?

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Is there a good, clear primer anywhere that can explain what is currently happening in Myanmar?

Don’t know enough to know if their read on the outcome is in any way accurate, but the historical background seems sound enough: Myanmar’s military junta appears to be in terminal decline

Oh dear




Fucking grim :frowning: . But also not that surprising that a country experiencing 150% inflation or whatever would choose not to elect their current finance minister


We’re going to have another round of Falklands sabre-rattling soon, aren’t we?

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Nah he’s more likely to try and sell us a bit more of argentina