Noname - Telefone is one of the best albums this year.

London date just announced, 27th October at Electrowerkz. Good stuff.

Check her out and maybe go to the show if you want. She’s fucking brill.

Just mentioned her in the Hip Hop thread. Can’t get enough of this album. Reckon I might try and make that show!

Electrowerz is still one venue I haven’t been to. What’s the capacity? Good venue?

Only been once (for Young Fathers), bit too fucking “cool” for my liking but it was a great show. 200 or so capacity I reckon, I could actually see which is a rare treat. So yeah, fine I guess.

(Almost certain this will mean she’s supporting Chance at the iTunes Festival thing as well)

capacity is 750. wouldn’t really say it’s “cool” either, it’s a total goth/EBM loser hangout and it’s in angel ffs.

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Cripes! Shows what I know!

Yeah this is amazing isn’t it
Yesterday in particular is a grade A banger

Dead good innit mate (although Yesterday might be one of the lesser tracks IMO (still brill obvs))

Would be a dream if Ravyn Lenae could support. Wishful thinking though probably.

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That would be superb

Would be too good. I won’t get my hopes up though.

Onsale now folks:

Noname London, Electrowerkz, 27 Oct 2016 – Songkick?

Just got mine. £9. A bargain actually.

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I got mine from DICE. £9 from them. £10 from Songkick.

I owe you 2 bones @BMS1

Got tickets for me and a few mates. See y’all there. Thanks @anon5266188 (and @BMS1 for the DICE suggestion)

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she’s so cool

This is really good:

Pigeons & Planes: The Best in New Music Discovery and Curation

Long shot but if anyone has a spare for tonight, hi.