this is really really good :heart:



What should DiS use its social accounts for?

Hope the Noname album ends up on a lot of album of the year lists.


The @Antpocalypsenow avatar on twitter has absolutely done me

POTW Nominations 09/11/2018 - 16/11/2018
POTW Vote 09/11/2018 - 16/11/2018

Going to give this another go, initially found it a let down after the utter joy of telefone as the jazzy drumming seemed to jar a bit with her voice. Maybe it just jarred with my expectations. Will give it another crack.




I can’t get over how prominent the avatar is, it’s mesmerising




New(ish) track is a full on banger


This is shit hot


Ah she’s so great


oh yes it is. Love the way it starts


That the bumping of this thread has reminded me of that picture of Ant is almost as good as the song itself



that kills! she has tonsillitis too!


I would like to pitch an article idea please where we visit her home town and all her regular haunts growing up. The article is called Where The Streets Have Noname.

I would like at least half the revenue and sweet, sweet clicks this article generates



Shepherd’s Bush Empire show onsale on Friday morning.




Is this weeping for the venue selection or for the ticket sale date?


Venue, haaaate it though its tolerable if you’re not standing.