Noo Yoik Citeeeeeeeeeh

I’m off there in a couple of weeks for 3/4 nights and I can’t bloody wait. Went 4 or 5 times in 2000’s, but haven’t been since 2010. Done all the tourist-y stuff already, but where else shall I visit? Mostly looking for food places as I wanna eat as much as possible!

I see so many generic NYC lists, but this one actually seemed pretty good! I also haven’t been in 10 or so years but this made me want to visit again…

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I should have hated it but it really is an awesome place.

An evening in Red Hook was fun (loads of bars, one of which had a late night singalong bluegrass session). The Earth Room in Soho was a bizarre detour (it’s a room. full of earth.). The giant, unfinished cathedral on the south side of Harlem was pretty cool too (absolutely fucking massive archways! Felt like the Mines of Moria! Loads of modern artworks dotted around it too).

Grab a slice of pizza, and eat it on the sidewalk!



Katz Delicatessen
Zucker’s Bagels (multiple sites)
Shake Shack (multiple sites)
Halal Guys (multiple sites)
Best Pizza in Brooklyn
NY Pizza Suprema behind Penn Station
Milk Bar Williamsburg
Mcsorley’s Old Ale House in East Village (didn’t eat here but there is food and it’s a bit of an institution)

Aw man, I love New York. Have a great time!

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“Hey!! I’m eating pizza here!!”


Nice, cheers! Got some of those on my list already actually. We’re doing a whole day in Brooklyn going to various food places, so will might have to add Best Pizza and Milk Bar to that day. We’re already going to Vinnie’s and L’Industrie in Williamsburg, one more pizza place wont hurt!

Sounds class mate. Brooklyn Brewery and TØRST worth a visit for a drink while you’re in the area too.

might get this tattooed on me

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+1 for Katz. It’s almost cliche as a recommendation but it’s worth it. Most expensive sandwich you’ll ever buy but you won’t need to eat for a week.

Zabar’s Deli also an institution worth visiting.


Yeah, I mean you’re getting a 3-course dinner’s worth of meat in a sandwich plus a few pickles for about 20 bucks. I found it ok value for money wise.

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Yeah, Katz was the first place both my mate and I thought of when thinking of places to eat. Need me a massive fucking plate of pastrami, stat!

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Any good rap show’s happening while you’re there?

R.A.P. Ferreira is playing the day I get home :sob:

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Recently enjoyed - mostly Brooklyn as didn’t really go into Manhattan when we went last

Village Square Pizza - pepperoni with hot honey. Soooo good.

La Colombe coffee - oat chai latte on draft

Lazer Wolf - on the rooftop of the hoxton. Lovely Salatim.

Homecoming (coffee shop in Brooklyn)

Olmstead (Brooklyn) for a fancy meal

There’s a bagel place/Jewish deli I always go to in Williamsburg (forgot the name)

Van Leeuwen for ice cream

Sunday in Brooklyn for brunch - must order that huge pancake for the table

Touristy bits - always the tenenment museum
Did that new floating park thing near the Witney which was good

Did the market thing with the fish place in it -
Clam chowdahhh


Peter Luger’s Steak House in Brooklyn