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Haven’t watched it yet, but just wanna say, I far prefer a specific thread for a specific film like this rather than rolling threads about all films that exist.


In my opinion films should be ‘enjoyable to watch in the cinema’ rather than ‘interesting to think about when you get home and read some articles about it’


Off to watch it tomorrow

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Agreed, found myself posting about it in two threads so thought ‘why not make its own one’

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did think there should have been a thread for it, seemed to have wide enough appeal to be worth it

(attempted to see about 3 times already, hopefully seeing Sunday if its still showing)

it only works for some films imho. Probably has to be new so there’s a level of excitement about it, and big enough either in scope/aims or popularity to generate enough chat

i do love the rolling film threads (and dont get why more people dont join in!) but yeah they mainly serve well as a catch-all for people just watching random older things

Peele is basically just the new Shyamalan but he only made one great film before the cracks started to appear.

Not a bad thing, I love silly Shyamalan films personally.

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I watched Us the other day, because the hype around this one reminded me I hadn’t done so yet. Thought it was decent enough, but not good enough to recommend to other people. Felt like the underlying message outweighed the desire to make a good film in its own right a bit.

My wife suggested going to the cinema, and suggested this as I’d mentioned I wanted to watch it. I asked her if she was serious as she hates horror as a genre, she asked why I asked that. I reminded her that this was from the same director as the film where there was “the family standing at the end of the drive holding hands”. We will not be seeing it together.

Honestly, I’d be happy for this sort of thing to happen for films with hardly any general appeal. Just puts more onus on the OP to make the case that it’s worthwhile to make a thread about it.

I really enjoyed this film, definitely more so the second time around.

Think I did exactly that tbh

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just come in the monthly thread and be done with it!


Get Out - 8.5
Us - 7

so interested to see where I land with Nope

Nah, rolling threads just feel like throwing opinions into the void. If I see a film or want to see a film, I want to talk about the film!


I liked Get Out, I loved Us. I understand this comment:

but I actually quite liked that it was rough around the edges and that it wasn’t a straightforward narrative. As a spectacle it was definitely the superior film and Lupita Nyang’o was brilliant.

Will definitely be watching Nope.

Also, this:

is proper harsh. Shyamalanm is rubbish. The Sixth Sense was such a meh film for anyone familiar with the genre. Jordan Peele has something real to say in his films


legit should have won an Oscar for it I think

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see thats how I feel about starting threads that then basically get no traction

different strokes


someone just (accurately) posted about how much the costume design added to Everything Everywhere

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