Normal crisps - A critical reevaluation

With the amount of variety of shapes, sizes, flavours and thicknesses of crisps on the market right now. Is it fair to say that there is no longer any need for your bog-standard Walkers or your bog-standard Golden Wonders etc? This is just a jumping off point for discussion but is it fair to say that people who buy standard, thin-cut crisps these days are a dying breed?


That’s what I get in packed lunches at work. Corkers ready salted.

If crisps disappeared forever I wouldn’t be fussed.

No, there is room in this cruel world for all crisps.


This sounds like a good use of them. Perhaps there’s life in them yet…

Oh I don’t like crisps.

Oh I don’t like toast.

Oh i don’t like legs.



Football too. Also wrestling. Also the joyless drudge of daily existence. Oh, and olives.

(not liking wrestling is correct and the joyless drudge)

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Ready salted Walkers are really good. To be filed alongside digestive biscuits and corn flakes as Things That People Think Are Boring So Will Rarely Get But When They Do Have Them Boy Do They Taste Good.


I like a bag of standard crisps before my dinner of an evening. I also like a big bag of artisan crisps with a glass of wine. Different crisps for different… needs

Would agree with you here about corn flakes, would disagree regarding digestive biscuits (plain) and Walkers ready salted though.

When buying a pack of crisps I tend to:

  • Buy a pack of standard crisps
  • Buy a pack of posh crisps
  • Buy a pack of ridge cut, thick crisps
  • Buy a pack of some other form of snack (corn or maize based etc)

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When I was in the hozza (have I mentioned that on here?) I rediscovered my love of cornflakes. Bought a pack when I got out and then hardly had any.

I need people to give me cornflakes.


Needs an all of the above depending on mood option.

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It doesn’t

Oh wait no sorry I’ll almost always get popcorn

This is troubling

That’s corn based right?

Then I’m not voting in your stupid poll!

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