Really good, eh?

Didn’t know anything about the book but caught a bit of one episode when I was flicking through the channels and thought it looked lime a bit of a laugh. I mean it is sometimes but it’s FAR more emotional than I thought it would have been.

Clearly label and blur any spoilers please.

Watched two episodes and ahm oot. It’s perfectly watchable and that but I was pretty meh about the book and I don’t think the series is going to change that.

I watched an episode and have so far not bothered to watch any others. My darling partner is a few ahead now so doubt I’ll ever bother, cheers

Still maintain this. Also the use of Hide & Seek although used better in this makes me think of The Lonely Island.

Final thing I thought for a little bit that Peggy was Zoe Lucker’s daughter, probably lasted a minute.

Thought it was right good! Better than the book probably, felt like it had a bit more charm and was a bit less cold. Thought it managed to translate the very specific moods and atmospheres of the different sections of the story really well, especially the Italian villa and Sweden bits.

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What the fuck is wrong with you all?

I finished this with my partner yesterday, I’d rank it as one of my very favourite TV shows in I don’t know how many years.

There is so much depth to these characters, and their lives, and the very rich way in which they’re shown to inhabit the world, that I don’t understand how you can be lukewarm about the show. Add to that the performances, which absolutely floored me, and you’ve got some pretty perfect tv.


I mean, sure, it had tits, but where were the dragons?


The actor who played Connell was perfect

Felt a bit awkward having the curtains open during all the sex scenes but I figured it might look worse if the neighbours saw me closing them at that moment


his finest role:

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Was thinking about the show today and I think the real reason she let him go to New York was because:

He offered to get her an ice cream but returned with a rocket lolly. No way you could put your faith in that kind of guy long term


i like which part of this post you decided was the spoiler


The thread is marked as spoilers anyone so if someone comes in here and spoils it, it’s on them.
My spoilered text was to be a lovely surprise rather than the bad surprise poor Marianne received.
“aye Conall that’s grand but that is not the kind of poke you promised me[“

About half way through and absolutely love it. The acting from the two main characters is fantastic and what I like about it the most is that at the heart of the story is a relatible relationship with all the issues that go with it.

I love the book and the reason I don’t rate the TV show as highly is for two reasons:

Misses Connel spanking the kid at pool and shows Gaelic football instead of Netherlands v Costa Rica

Great adaptation though

One thing I liked was that modern smart phones aside, I felt like it could’ve been set in the 90s/10s/20s.

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Thought the conversation where both Marianne and Connell explained how they felt and why they acted the way they did in the relationship when they were in school in episode 5 was perfect and beautifully done.

Wish I could say I’ve had that conversation in any of my relationships.


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yeah i wanted to see this

but this was an improvement