Normal things you don't have in your abode which you wish were there


A Bath - Have’t got a bath lads, wish I had one.
A Wardrobe - Got fucking exposed clothes rails for some inexplicable reason, literally no benefit to it
A Back Door - Got a lovely little roof terrace we’ve done up, you have to go out the window to get to it though, would be nice to have a door there instead.


I have all of these. Gutted mate.


It’s not like you to brag. You’ve changed :disappointed:


need me to paypal you a tenner mate?


No thanks. I could afford all of these things.


An aerial socket (we have none in the whole house, how is that possible?). We even have an aerial.


Yeah, they seem a real rarity these days. It’s inexplicable.


Bit more counter space in the kitchen


someone should invent a fold-up bath

@someone ?


Outdoor tap – would make washing bikes easier
A bloody light switch in an easily accessible place so you can turn it on when you open the front door – currently you have to enter the flat and then it’s sort of round the corner, fucking stupid
Radiators underneath windows – rather than just randomly on walls


you looking to chuck money away then?


ihave ariel sockets but no ariel


Could go an outside tap as well mate, would probably get a little bit of paddling pool action on the go in the summer months if we had one.


ooh yeah this, no fucking tap in our underground car park. Always end up taking it to the hand car wash instead


Persil man, eh?


Waiting for a DiSer to put Someone to hold


Electric razor socket. This never previously bothered me as I wet shave, but I bought an electric toothbrush recently then realised I had no where to plug it in.


Someone to hold :frowning:


@marckee You know what to do here mate…


^this to the light switch one. It’s halfway along the hall for some daft reason.