Normal things you don't have in your house


. Toaster
. Dishwasher
. Shower Curtain
. Outside tap

Wonder if anyone can beat that.


I don’t have an outside tap IN my house.



come to think of it, I don’t have one outside either


oh here we go


Wooden/laminate flooring.

Must be one of the only 10% or so of households in the UK which is solely carpet/vinyl (bathroom and kitchen) these days. Vibing it.


it’s a shame someone invested so much time into a dishwasher instead of like a machine that cleans your oven/toilet considering washing up is by far the most fun and easiest chore.




good call. There’s no real use for them


Bed, sofa, fridge, washing machine


Longest this thread has ever gone without someone saying TV.


if you own a computer you own a tv basically


No mirrors (if you don’t count other items with reflective surfaces, such as the toaster) in our house


I couldn’t see myself living like that

POTW – Nominations
POTW – Nominations

oh I’ve got two in my room that have sat in the corner since we moved into this house, you can have them if you want




that’s a great pun


:clap: :clap: :clap:

Also, if this was a football thread you’d be on 20+ likes already


not really a pun is it comedy nerds?


I have never lived in a house with a dishwasher.

Someone’s going to say something like “but enough about your housemates” now.


Have to disagree here. The different between sitting down on the sofa and watching real TV nd precariously balancing a laptop/speaker setup is huge. Also iPlayer is about 30 seconds behind actual telly, as we found out to our detriment when watching the football this summer.