Normal things you don't have in your house

it’s just the evolution of the medium though isn’t it. I guess it’s like how digital radio isn’t really radio etc


There were loads of things I didn’t have, a TV and microwave for starters, but some people who stayed at mine bought a TV because they couldn’t stand it and my landlady got me a microwave because she said it’s be easier for jnr. Now I use both way more than I’d have hoped.

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Copy of Monopoly.


A wardrobe

so far this is the hardest one to believe

Don’t have a working toaster but do have a broken one. Unsure if this counts. I’m not going to replace it.

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I don’t have a wardrobe either

Bloody wish I had carpets sometimes. Fed up with wooden floors tbh

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where do you keep your clothes (just curious)?

are they really much quicker than whacking some bread under the grill?

Dunno, not really into toast.

the fuck?!

Have a copper rail in the main bedroom, and another rail in the Alcove under the stairs to the loft in the spare room, everything else in drawers


got a dishwasher for the 1st time in 8 years the other day - loving it

Not sure its a “normal” thing, but I realised last night I don’t have a peg pag to keep clothes pegs in and I could do with one of them.

I’m not anti-toast, but I can happily live without it.

Anything with ‘keep calm’ written on it
Dishwasher (until next week)

what’s your go-to snack/easy meal then? You a salad man?


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Wish I could say this. Might secretly throw that one coaster out then deny all knowledge of it.