North Devon and things to do in North Devon


Hello - I’m going to North Devon for a few days next week. Tell me about fun activities and good places to eat. I’m aware I’m being a bit vague with the specific location but I have no idea where we’re really staying? Somewhere in between Holsworty and Bideford according to googly maps. I have a car and want to drive around for fun days out.

Thanks x


Train to South Devon


it’s really nice

check out your local swimming pool and maybe find a cafe


also you could go on some walks, or see if there are any local attractions


ask them for a cornish tea


rivers are good


go down to the big beach that goes out a long way. and the beach with all the dunes. both of them.


enjoy an ice cream, play a boardgame


Theres an otter sanctuary but its in cornwall and closed until 31 march.

I posted this anyway to show i tried.


Woolacombe Bay.
Get the ferry across from Barnstaple to Lundy.


Rivers are good, that’s right!


Thank you!


(less annoying answer: )


drink cider from a lemonemonemonemonemonemonemonemonemonemon


I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.


hey, I mean it


god i love supergrass


Sorry! Thank you!


Lynton and Lynmouth are nice. And can do walks and that around cliffs nearby. There’s a cliff railway between the two villages.

Beachy stuff in Croyde. Dunes there.


I think one is Woolacombe? I think that’s the one with the dunes, Scott Chegg.