North (east) Italy


Just booked flights to Venice for a week - not planning on actually going to Venice for more than 12 hours cos it sounds like a flippin’ nightmare with a toddler + buggy, hoping to visit Lake Garda and the Dolomites instead. Never been to Italy before (apart from a very very short half day in Trieste years and years ago) so feel a bit clueless, but hoping to spend some time around Riva el Garda and perhaps the city of Moena, but very much open to DiS’ suggestions and tips. We’ll have our very nearly 2 year old with us, but she’s incredibly chill.

:it: go go go!

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If you’re doing Lake Garda, Verona his well worth a stop off. Beautiful - but very compact - city. Excellent amphitheatre.

Padua is something of an overlooked gem in that region too. Only about 20km from Venice. It’s a university town, so quite lively. Prato Della Valle and Piazza Del Santo are lovely, and both host markets. The botanical gardens are stunning.

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You could go to Treviso near Venice which has lots of canals and is also where they invented tiramisu!


Italy is the best fucking country, enjoy!

And you could focus on these choices for best options in the city!

Just back from round there. Lake Garda is fantastic. Get a day ticket for the ferry and just spend the day going between the little towns, and looking at the scenery from the top deck. Really lovely to swim in too (not sure what time of year you’re going so that might affect that). We were towards the south of the lake, really liked Garda and Lazise, Sirmione was cool albeit a bit too busy, but had a great swimming spot where you could look at the fort from the water.

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I live in Trento - just near lake Garda.

Riva del Garda is wonderful, you’ll love it I’m sure. Great for a family holiday - beach bits, lots of activities like kayaks, sailing etc good food etc at reasonable prices. Much better than Italian seaside holidays. Facilities but not too touristy if you see what I mean.

I’m assuming you have checked out the cycling but yeah it’s great round lake Garda.

Can second @weeber on Verona. Very nice city for a day or so. Has a bit of a Paris vibe with the river.

Bolzano is the main base town if you want to head into the Dolomites proper for cycling but loads of options. Would be happy to give more detailed specific info if you would like.


Ahhh, great, thanks.

We would love to do some cycling - probably rent a bike + trailer in Riva del Garda, and maybe somwhere else - the Fiemme and Fassa cycling route looks amazing to do with a trailer (and I read there’s a bus which can take you back to where you’re staying if you don’t fancy riding back, which my daughter might not like, hahaha). The reason we’ve picked Moena to stay in is because my partner wants to do this run: Marcialonga Running - Official Website and it starts there, but I’m guessing we could just as easily stay… well, anywhere, really.

I would love to do some proper road cycling in the area but with a two year old to entertain I don’t think it will be possible without quite a bit of solo parenting, which is absolutely fine, but those mountains, man, it’d take me all day to do a decent ride!

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I’ve never used them so not an endorsement but there’s a hotel in Riva del Garda that might be worth checking out. It is aimed at cyclists and I think do day rides you can join, cycle hire etc. So you don’t have to be staying at the hotel afaik.

I took a toddler (almost 3yo) to Venice in 2019 and it was actually ok, the total lack of cars is lovely and most of the canals aren’t that easy to fall into… Fair enough if you’ve decided you’re not going though

I liked treviso.

Though I don’t imagine you would do Gardaland with a child AVOID Gardaland at all costs. Some of those rides felt genuinely unsafe.

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Hey @zanimos do you still live in Trento?


Yep. Well I’m on holiday at the moment but still living in Trento.

Oh cool, will drop you a PM!