North Korea and its 28 websites


To be fair, I don’t reckon I’ve used more than 28 websites in the last month.


As long as they have updog they don’t even need the other 27, tbh


Been a while since I’ve heard much Updog chat


I’m assuming one of them is the old forum…


*The TST


Am I doing replying wrong? It’s not showing as a reply to you


Site’s borked already…




Oh I think I’ve figured it. You only get an arrow-reply icon if your reply is not immediately below the post you’re replying to.


You mock, but I probably only visit about 27 websites in a year. Keep the other one as the bit of mystery and it’s really not that bad.


DiS. BBC Sport. Pornhub. Communist Party of Great Britain website. that’d do me


Jay Z and his 99 problems and his laugh


Do you reckon they ever heard about that one man and his special relationship with his goat?