North v South

I’m still not convinced Booth’s exists.

Never ever seen one


There’s one in Poulton Le Fylde because obviously there would be. Just a waitrose with a bit less choice. It’s fine

  • Blackpool
  • Weston super mare

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Never been to WSM but absolutely no chance its worse

  • North Wales [Wrexham, Bangor, Rhyl]
  • South Wales [Cardiff, Swansea, Mordor]

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Gonna be a 5 min walk from Booths when I move :call_me_hand: they had my hoighty toity vegan conditioner and Augustiner Helles in when I scoped it out

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Didn’t see that coming

bless you

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Seriously think less of anyone picking north fucking wales here

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Trick question.
City have no fans :wink:

Assumed it was Southern because nobody in Yorkshire has heard of it and there were 2 in Colchester

Everyone on these boards wishes that were true


Giving free tickets to students doesn’t make them fans.

  • North West
  • Saint West
  • Psalm West
  • Chicago West

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By the time that they were bought by Greggs, there were more outlets in the south than the north, and when Greggs bought them out, most of the northern ones were then closed, I think.


I’m agog at the kicking the far superior North Wales is getting in this poll. Agog!

  • North Face
  • Patagonia

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Lovely scenery both ends, also absolute shitholes both ends, destroyed by Tories in different ways, and I would like at least 1 road/train line linking the two but the North has nothing to hold a candle to swansea, cardiff and newport combined. Culture on tap pal. ON TAP.

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@anon67149139 just us fighting the good fight

Rip the sausage rolls I wanna run to u