Northern Hemisphere Daily Thread Jan 4th

I’m so tired sheep are counting me.

De Nederlands! I’m back in your hemisphere and timezone DiS. What did I miss?

Started this journey 32 hours ago, less than an hour to go! Now to try and stay awake till a normal time. Today will be a challenge.


Hopefully the worst of Winter II.

Today my main job is trying to avoid a trip to The Netherlands by persuading the patent office to cancel a hearing next month. Don’t fancy my chances, tbqfh.

Then I’ve to go to my boss’s house so she can sign some things while she’s recovering from surgery. I’ve been told I’ve to wait there while she reviews and signs them, this ensuring maximum awkwardness. Cannot wait.

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It’s still really hot in the southern hemisphere.

I’ve been digging agapanthus out of our garden. They are vicious bastards. So far I have sunburn, multiple blisters and have broken the handle off my spade, and bent the garden fork that I bought to replace the spade (on the advice of the guy in the hardware store).

(Also bit disappointed to see you’re not repping @tigercrewtc on your journey. Seems like a bit of a rotten compromise…)

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Can’t be arsed.

Good luck with your new life @ma0sm!!

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On the bus to work for the first time this year.

Genuine question FAO of people who have been up before 11am in the past fortnight: what time is dawn?

Morning everyone

Kids are back at school now - so 100% back to routine

Going out to get dumped later - so my working day will be a write off as I will be busy fretting about it instead



WFH to receive a bunch of Amazon packages. That’s all I got.

Fantastic “I’m having a good time… Not” face there, @ma0sm.

Back to work today. Very little to report at this stage.

:heart_eyes: Today is definitely a KLF day

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How do you know you’re going out to be dumped?

goddddd my housemate’s dog needs to stfu. only creature in existence that cries more than me.

Kick it hard in the face, it’ll respect you for it and you will be new top dog

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Trying to get back into a normal eating routine after a few weeks of shoving mince pies down my appropriately named piehole and I’m constantly hungry, hope it passes soon.


Ok doesn’t sound amazing…but it could be that she wants to tell/talk about something in person rather than over text.

Seems a bit strange if you got good vibes and were together over Xmas?

Either way, I would try not to worry about it until you know for sure! Easier said than done.

Why is it still dark?
Why am I so knackered?
Why am I at work?

You may ask yourself


Think I’m getting a cold. CBA.

Raining outside, still got a cold, yep definitely working from home today.