Northern Hemisphere Daily Thread Jan 4th

state of that, m8.

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You’re a fantastic word.


I know! Completely lost track of time. Legit ate and then went to bed.

Sat in Wetherspoons (Sedge Lynn, Chorlton) and the woman who works here approaches my table and puts her hand out towards my empty plate. “Thank you, that was delicious”, I say as she looks at me strangely and takes away the breakfast menus from the table I’m sat at #verybritishproblems #whatamilike #howembarrassing #twentyeightyearsoldiam


Also where did you decide to move to in the Netherlands? And can you get me a job there?

I’m in Nijmegen! Cycling city of the year 2017!

Might be able to help with work, though I don’t know anyone here yet. Depends on what you do I guess. I’m starting a new job Jan 15th, hopefully it’s good. Send me a message if you’re serious.

Spent a few minutes of my lunchbreak in the queue for M&S collections. Some absolute howler in front of me was creating a scene, having turned up at 12.25pm for a delivery that was due in at 12pm and hadn’t arrived yet. Felt a sudden wave of empathy towards @rich-t.


It’s all kicking off here. There’s a solar panel loose on the roof and we’re not allowed to leave the building in case it falls off and kills everyone.

More news on this developing story as it happens.

Usually when my car’s in for MOT, the radio comes on automatically when I get it back but it seems like they listened to Music Has The Right To Children instead

All the forks have disappeared from the work kitchen, so I’m now eating my dinner with a teaspoon.

might get taco bell

edit: for lunch

Pretty fucking busy Witches. How are you?

Ill. Have things to do. Noooo.

The pain in my side that I’ve had for a week is getting worse and now I’m starting to feel ill. Am I dying?

Update: still hasn’t fallen off. Been told we can leave via the rickety old fire escape if we must. The office is not happy.

finnneeee ta.

Hopefully going to gym it later after like two months off :grimacing: I HAVE FEAR.

That’s not quite the same - someone could DIE here!*

I’ve never worked anywhere where estates were any better than bleedin’ useless.

*Someone will almost certainly not die here

We’ve not really started anything yet as it doesn’t need to be sorted til April…but we’re starting IMMINENTLY.

I have to go away for a week first then when i’m back its all go (including moving in there…AHH)

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Hope you haven’t jinxed things now. Could get a bit final destination

Ahhh yeah! Congrats matey, it’s gonna be great. Think of how much more time you can put into winding the boy up :grinning: