Northern Hemisphere Daily Thread Jan 4th


Still in bed. Need to be showered and at my desk in 11 minutes. Is it gonna happen? Is it fuck.

I am in the same situation, felt like I was going to faint in the hour before dinner last night because all I’d eaten since lunch was a bunch of grapes as opposed to the constant small, usually sugary snacks.

Morning gang.

First day back at work. I hate everything.

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Thought Winter II had barely started?

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Winter I is over though, as is Double Winter.


Starting BSG from the beginning so that’s my day I guess. Have I ever mentioned how much I love coffee?

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How miserable is it today?

The period pains have started and I feel like I need to poop but I can’t poop.

Have you tried taking a bigger run up?


Morning all. Took me an extra ten minutes to walk into work today against a strong headwind. Very much enjoyed that challenge.

Going to work an extra hour today and tomorrow and take it easy tonight and tomorrow night. Very glad the festive season is over and life can go back to semi-normality.

Nothing to report. Got soaked on the dog walk this morning. Listening to Endtroducing, which still sounds bloody fantastic after all these years.


I’m just going to try a very hot drink instead.

well stressed about going to the dentist tomorow. I’m such a fool

First day back after the hols and I absolutely cannot be arsed. Didn’t sleep too badly last night tho so could be more burst but a ton of stuff to get on with.

Why can’t I just be loaded so I can stay up till 3am watching netflix every night then wake up at lunch time every single day and not have to worry about work?


yeah, definitely easier said then done. Trying not to dwell on it too much

deserve some kind of award for finally getting out of bed this morning.

it was tough.

Day off today. Got woken up around 9 by the boiler man. He must’ve let himself in with the landlords keys. The tap was running, so initially thought the TV had left it on. Went into the bathroom to find him tinkering with the boiler. Not happy tbf as I’d had no notification he was coming.

Anyway, nothing doing today. just pottering around doing chores I think.

Cycled to work and got absolutely soaked.

Starving now.

That’s called trespass.

I think we need some kind of rolling “fuck landlords” thread, but as my job involves having to liaise with landlords on a regular basis I’m probably not the best person to start it.


You know what isn’t helping? The ad on this site that keeps shoving fried chicken in my face

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