Northern Ireland Politics

This has been mentioned in a few different threads, and I know very little about the situation myself, so thought I’d start a thread.


Heavily skeptical that Philip dying will have any impact on anything here but also I am happy to be proved wrong

I have also seen someone say everyone needs to be kind to Unionists today because it’s too rude…


I’ve lived here most of my life and I don’t think I can sum it all up neatly for you. I don’t even understand a lot of it myself. You find that the overwhelming majority of people in this country get on well with each other, happy to coexist without even mentioning what side you’re on. But at the same time, the two largest parties are the most divisive, keeping their power by essentially saying “We’re the only thing keeping the other largest party from getting their way. If you vote for anyone else that’s our argument weakened.” It seems a lot of people get swayed by this fear when it comes to the elections. Frankly they’re all as bad as each other by and large.

As for what’s going on at the minute with the rioting, again a small but extremely loud minority are riling people up with fear about borders along with the SF funeral pissing over COVID rules. Though I think a lot of the people involved just think it’s a bit of fun to go throw rocks at the police.

Most of N.I. Is just getting on with things as normal


Just reading this again, should probably have stated “happy to coexist regardless of what side you’re perceived to be on.”

For example despite my kids being in integrated (both Catholic and Protestant) education, never been inside a church and being 5 and 2 having no thoughts or opinions on a United Ireland or any of the other contentious issues, some people would judge them based purely on their surname’s historic side

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Any difference with the riots last night? BBC is strangely just full of royal family news…

Safe to say not really

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Thanks for making a thread about this, I hope you’re all managing to stay safe.

I get the feeling the unrest, even if it is as @hesastopsiiiiign says fairly small, is basically a gift to British (well, English really) media and Westminster. Just seeing the concurrent glorification of the police and military plus “they’re out of control over there” is heading nowhere good.

Plus the tensions are all the EU’s fault for creating the protocol and stubbornly refusing to scrap it


Last night I tried to check BBC News NI section to see if rioting was still going on, the top 5 stories were all about Prince Phillip (in the NI section specifically!), the riots weren’t covered until the 6th story down. ffs.

This fella is a known bullshitter isn’t he? I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else yet

No idea who he is or what his credentials are but I’m not seeing it anywhere official

If he’s bullshitting it’s a pretty irresponsible rumour to spread


If seems somewhat legit?

Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or Brits Are At It Again

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Fucking hell.

Michelle O’Neil was 2 years old at the time of his assassination. It’s actually mad she was supreme leader of the Sticks at that age.

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This is a good piece regarding the recent riots. Funny and depressing in equal measure

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As a complete novice on NI politics this had a lot of useful information I thought

More disturbance at an interface area.