Northern Line Closure aka CARNAGE

get all your jibes at the LME in whilst you can

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i’ll stick with the bus then, cheers

more like Loldon

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Would never happen in Devon (no tube in Devon).


Delays on the Northern Line, well I never

Can you use that new Crossrail thing instead. I’m guessing that must be open by now.

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mind the gap

@TheBarbieMovie2023 a reminder to play some Northern Line


Daaaamn, didn’t realise this wasn’t finished yet.

Nobody needs to go to Camden anyway, fuck it.

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To upgrade Bank station though. Always the Tories fault isn’t it.


Quite excited about them adding one of those walking machines between Bank and Monument. God I hate having to change between the central line and the District there.


time to just put camden down i think.

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me too


I mean we know Bank has always been a shithole so it’s a low bar, but the noises I’ve been hearing about this upgrade are pretty favourable so far.

That said I use London Bridge station, therefore this affects me, therefore I am completely outraged.


Even that sweet bit between Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green where it bursts out with that loud apocalyptic noise for about ten or twenty seconds before it reaches the station? <3

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yeah i use the jubie from there and that line gon’ get so badly busy

I think (although I’m not 100%) that the Central Line is the only one with trains where when you’re sitting down opposite an empty seat you can lift your head up and down and make your reflection in the window get all stretchy.

So in many ways (OK one) it is the best line.


I can’t, I’m still to get down the stairs at Chalk Farm after setting off in 2011