Northern pride in having different names for bread products



Talk about whatever you want in here.


In the east, we call bread rolls ‘yeastlings’. But you never hear us banging on about it!!!


I hope this is true


Where I come from in Scotland we call Rolls, Bread Loafs and Bread Loafs, Rolls. So when people from ‘out of town’ ask at the local Chat and Chew for a Chip Roll they get an awful shock (and not just at the £15 price tag) when the bell rings and the whole bread loaf hollowed out on the top and filled with chips is brought to them!!!


I heard in Germany they call bread weisswasseryeastofflenbröt. Confirm/deny


Incorrect, they are known as ze yeastlings


We call 'em chazwozzers.


and then you bang on about some slightly geometrically alternative pig in pigskin like you are kings of the world!


Obviously not true, they would spell it with a capital letter because it’s a noun and use the ß.



About bread products!


Being northern, i didn’t agree until I saw pikelets. No need.


quirky names for things is all they have really, so i don’t mind


can we stop doing this every other month?

gonna say that only people who hate northerners or the scottish have a problem with this


It’s just a title, this thread is for anything you want it to be and YOU are making it about hatred, rationality and bread products. Shame on you.


Not every town has to be named after a cake!


i’m stopping this thread from escalating into fighting. SHAME ON YOU balonz for being such a stirrer.




are they gonna have to invent loads of different words for all the new gluten free products and stuff?

who organises this stuff? bet they’re in a panic.


for as long as they’ve been avaliable on prescription they have been called ROLLS

products in the shop vary from ROLLS, BAPS, BUNS


southerners just call it tiger bread