Norway? YES WAY

oh yeah

train between oslo / bergen looks amazing

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how much are you into black metal? if and when i go it will probably resemble a black metal tour


not very tbh… will they kick me out?

MY favourite memory is listening to immortal while driving around some mountains and forests

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nah but i’m sure there’s a bunch of cool shit to see in bergen especially

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Still have a little chuckle at that horric comment left on your m9’s YouTube video about how they hoped the photo was taken shortly before a Norwegian metal band murdered him.


NAh but they may burn your church!

Sunglasses and a Craig David beard?

I went to Oslo about ten years ago. Flights were dirt cheap from Newcastle. I ate reindeer.

Would Norway again.




Any plans for what time of year you’d be going? Quite a different place in winter/summer

I had a fucking brilliant time in Olso (mainly thanks to @whiterussian and her amazing tips!). We ate well, drank well (found a beer fest going on the weekend we were there so boozed up!), cycled about, looked at the city waterfalls, chilled, bf swam in the sea. Everyone was so relaxed and happy and nice.

Fucking expensive tho. Like really fucking expensive. And I’ve been to Iceland and Copenhagen this year but this was way more.


next week maybe

Omg you better not be here while I’m away!!! What dates are you looking at

not really sure, monday to sunday ish probably. depends what flights look like etc though.

when are you away?

Did a little bit of fan boying at Neseblod Records when I went to Oslo. It’s where Helvete used to be. The guy let me go and have a look round the basement. Still got the black metal sign up and stuff.

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Tbh, I fucking love that the Norwegians sporadically invaded England for a few hundred years, apparently for lols.

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Away from the 11th until the 16th

PS: The Oslo/Bergen tour is a pretty good idea imho

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I went to Tromso in December about four years ago and it was amazing but very dark, like only two hours of daylight a day.
Last year I went to Trondheim, which is a nice place, I especially enjoyed the pop music museum. It has a lot of A-ha in it and a black metal-inspired wooden hut.
Went on the Rauma Railway, which was the most incredible train journey I’ve ever been on. Then we drove up the Trollstigen, which was the most incredible road I’ve ever been on.
We ended up in Alesund, which is a very nice place indeed, not a lot to do, but super super nice. Went to a music studio on an island which was owned by a Norwegian man who turned out to be a Derby County fan, we talked about Paulo Wanchope.
The beer is expensive, but I went for work both times so it was all free, I recommend doing this.