Norwegian pals, a question

Do you use SPOON RESTS over there? Or something similar? Does everyone know what SPOON RESTS are without further explanation? Asking for no fucking reason whatsoever

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obviously we all love them

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at least one spoon rest in every kitchen over here probably

*australian associates

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I need a spoon rest actually. Definitely going to get one when we get our kitchen done

can’t remember if meow was for or against them but remember her having a strong opinion

I have the Joseph Joseph ‘Elevate’ utensil set which means I don’t need one but we have a failed bit of pottery that was supposed to be a pot that ended up as more of a plate which we use for one sometimes.

yes we do use spoon rests over here in norway which is where i am

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thank you for your help

there must be quite a few ceramic ashtrays kicking about that are no longer needed?

I got a joint pottery wheel day experience thing for both of us and a week’s worth of proper pottery lessons for my gf’s xmas present last year, I literally cannot move for ceramic “ashtrays” in my home.

but who rests the spoon rests?

you took a week’s worth of lessons and still fucked up making a pot?

I didn’t, I took an afternoon’s worth and fucking nailed it. She did the week’s worth (and also did well in fairness, this thing came as a result of heavy handedness when transferring a pot to the thing it was gonna dry on)

I think my bf would think I’d gone mad if I got a spoon rest. Though, he does quite enjoy the teabag elephant (one of those things you put used teabags in, it’s actually shaped like a teapot but whatever).

Never heard it called that before



link to teabag elephant pls

it’s only half 3 ffs

Haha, you’re going to be disappointed japes… so very disappointed. I’ll see if I can find a similar one.

This is pretty similar -

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