Going there tomorrow for the first time in about a decade. Will have some free time on Saturday. Tell me something to do.

Share your views on the pedestrianisation of the city centre.


Shit just saw the tags #accidentalactualpartridge



You two should meet up as you are both clearly ATDs

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think there’s a train to London.


no direct trains to guildford by the looks of it.

might have a train museum

That’s York I think.

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I think they prefer to be alone.

The tofu café on Pottergate does the nicest cake I’ve ever had in my life.

This isn’t a joke. No, really.

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Norwich is nicer than you’d think it would be


There is a direct train to Liverpool that takes nearly 6 hours.


Norwich is lovely. The station is in the wrong place though. Go to Circular Sound for some second hand bargains and try out the Moorish Falafel Bar.


It’s a very pretty city. It’s just so bloody far away from everywhere else

I’ve lived here for seventeen years. I must know it fairly well, right?

What are you interested in?

Somewhere nice and green. Anything interesting historically. Nice places to eat lunch and browse some music and book shops maybe.

Go to Cromer and have some crab.

The Cathedral, its grounds and Elm Hill for the history and a bit of green. The Book Hive at the top of At Andrews Hill. And Benedict’s St for the record shops.

Falafel place on Lower Goat Lane is nice, as mentioned above. But there’s plenty of places in the areas that my suggestions will take you.

When I went there the summer before last I had lunch in a waffle place. Thought you might like to know.