Nos Lun

Evenin’ all. How do?
I’ve got a job secured for the next few weeks so boy can eat and pay his rent, which is nice. Also might turn into a real job but let’s see shall we?

Rest of my brain’s preoccupied with noticing my ex has deleted a photo of me from their social media (understandably maybe, but also kinda sad)
AND from someone in a party last weekend saying I wasn’t fulfilling my potential and I knew it, which although meant well, has more or less destroyed me for a bit.

Anyway, what’s for dindins? I’m thinking maybe chippy tea tbqh.


evenin. congrats! is it something that’ll be bearable for a while?

i really ought to be working on stuff tonight but for the sake of my sanity i think i’m just gonna be braindead and sit in front of some video games or something. think we’re having pasta for tea tonight but can’t quite remember. my sister confessed to me that she has a weekday meal spreadsheet where she plans out every meal in advance. seems like quite a bleak existence to me but i guess it works.

Evening, just had a potter and went the beer shop.

Having linda mac pie and mushy peas.

Then japanese.

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Me and my ex did this when we needed to stick to a budget. It helped us only buy what we needed in the weekly shop and bring the bill down considerably, but wasn’t a lot of fun tbh.

Anyale, tonight I’m doing a bit of writing at the boozer before heading home for an early night.

Finished my jigsaw last night, although I either only had 999 out of 1000 pieces in the box, or I’ve gone and lost the lower right quarter of the Guinea Bissau flag somewhere.

I think it’s answering queries regarding smart appliances, which as you can probably guess I am absolutely prepared for… still, they seem friendly enough so whatever.

Nowt wrong with a night to recharge man.
And yes would genuinely end up throwing my computer out of a window if I tried adhering to that.

oooft 1-0 the big lad


Halloween eve appropriate things I am doing:

  1. Scanning some stuff from a sketchbook including:
  • drawings of Bronze Age grave goods
  • notes from a halloween archaeology conference a few years ago (representative sample topics “Uncanny Statues” “Why do so many of MR James’ stories involve the terrorizing, pursuing and killing of archaeologists?”
  • drawings of yew trees- the trees of death
  • sketches from a ghost tour
  1. About to go to a dream club, drink loads of artemisia tea and draw whatever dreams people describe

  2. Editing some photos of the most haunted spot in Cambridge. (In a graveyard at the back of the student accommodation of the Cambridge college that has produced the most Tory MPs. Make of that what you will)

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i’m working with some smart tech type people at the moment and they are the absolute worst. they thin they’re doing the lords’ work while being completely oblivious to how intrusive and dystopian most of the things they’re working on are.

… good luck!

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Er this is the sensible money saving way to do things ta.

I’m having jacket potato tonight.
Might grate my body weight in cheese on top of it.

hi. I’m not doing anything. going to eat sausages and mash.

this seems like it’s coming from the ‘get confident, stupid!’ school of advice.

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But the best thing to disrupt is Worker’s Rights and Safety Legislation, right?


alright? just had some supermarket misery sushi



Never had proper sushi but always think of the untrained Simpsons chef measuring the blowfish when I see the supermarket stuff
(I’ve had peppers on rice but that doesn’t count let’s be honest)

When do the clocks change back?

Also, anyone made a wearable SAD lamp? To the dragons den thread…

Like May I think

just tastes bland, except when you get it at this time of night and it tastes fucking minging

(supermarket stuff obviously, proper sushi is the best)

I’m hoping it’s more like a coffee machine that whines it needs milk than something analysing what’s in your urine but we’ll see :joy:

last night mate :rofl:

New job, chippy tea… everything coming up millhouse big time or what.

Probably slam a Tesco’s lasagne in the oven and play left for dead if the tele is free. Depor are playing tonight too, but not sure if I wanna put myself through that.