Nose bleeds

What’s the deal? I get about 5-6 a week. Wake up in the morning, blocked nose, blow nose, nose bleed. Bam. Always have done. Sometimes at work, sometimes in the shower, sometimes in the car. It’s a total pain in the arse. My mum getst them loads too, as did hers.

Mentioned (after I’d been in the toilet for 20 minutes) to a colleague that I’d had a nose bleed, and she said she’d never had one. What the hell? How is that fair?

Anyway, am I a monster, or is it normal?

stop snorting broken glass

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maybe lay of the cocaine for a while


I suffered them often when I was young, from primary school through to my mid-20s. Used to be more common in the summer. Haven’t had one for about 20-odd years now though.

For the record, nothing has ever gone up my nose. I’m a good boy.

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got sinus problems? i got smashed in the face with a cricket bat and my sinuses give me all kinds of grief now. have to use a neti pot when they get bad or i get headaches, blurred vision, etc. rarely get nosebleeds though so this probably doesn’t help you.



“snortin on, snortin on, broken gl-aaaa-ass”

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*sexually unadventurous

That’s a lot of nosebleeds pal. I’d get that checked out.

I used to get them all the time as a kid, was just chalked up to growing pains. They stopped when I was a teenager. Now I never get them, maybe just a spot of blood up there during high allergy season if I’m blowing my nose a lot.

I tend to get them with the major season changes (xylo dance), so twice a year. Should be due one soon.


I was that kid who used to get class-disrupting nosebleeds. Luckily I rarely get them now.

I got shown a trick to stop it bleeding- hold your wrist under a cold tap until your hand is really cold, the blood will get rediverted to warm it up.

I’d still get it checked out if you’re getting loads of nosebleeds as an adult though.

Think I’ve only had two in my life, both due to getting smacked in the face. First at school when someone chucked his bag full of books at me and I failed to stop it cracking me square on the nose, and a couple of years ago when I was struggling to remove an empty water bottle from a drinking fountain and it came free all of a sudden and I ended up investigating it closely with my face!

Mistersteve moments before posting this thread:



not a fucking anorak, so don’t get them I’m afraid.

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Hey now, I’m sure loads of wicked strong man men get plenty of nose-bleeds.

I get them, they suck. I had a massive one the other morning - I’ve had them all my life and have had to call doctors/go to the hospital before because they just wouldn’t stop, and this one was nearly at that point. Got to love watching blood just fall out of your face for various reasons.

Ive never had one

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Nose bleeds:

  • Yes, I’ve had at least one nosebleed in my life
  • No, I’ve never had a nosebleed in my life

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