Nose talk


Just back out now if in any doubt, this is about to get serious.

Anyone got any nose problems?

Personally, I have a nosebleed at least once a day (when I wake up), and I pretty much constantly feel blocked up. If I blow my nose with any real force – BAM – nosebleed number two (and so on). Doctors say there’s nothing wrong with me so I just lead this ridiculous shit-nosed life.

Tell me about your noses.


It smells terrible.


I’m seemingly permanently getting spots on the inside of my nose at the moment and they can be insanely painful. I’m really not sure why it’s happening.


What are you keeping up there?


Well nothing.


I’m not a doctor but I think I know what that might be… did you grow up in a rural area and then move to the city?


It’s slightly bent due to a break when I was a toddler, had a lot of catarrh issues as a kid so had my adenoids out aged about 8. It’s roughly in the middle of my face so it’ll do.


Bit hairier than I’d like, too.


I had nostril widening surgery when I got my adenoids removed in the year 2000 (and I missed most of the first month of high school and was still stumbling around lost with gauze up my nose whilst everyone else was settled in). It worked and I breathe a bit better but was in and out of great Ormond st and other hospitals until I was 15 because of various breathing problems. I still have perennial rhinitis so I am basically runny nosed person who panics when tissues aren’t nearby. I don’t mind the look of my nose but I wish it was longer at the tip and heard about injections that make that happen? I would totally do that because a button nose is cute when you’re five and just weird when you’re old


More chance of getting punched in town


Is this for me or GEOFF?


Wait till you’re my age lad…


Nooooo! Don’t do it! Cute never goes out of style!




Got perma-rhinitis. :expressionless:


Take it to the “Real life dissing” thread.


Also this was tmi probably sorry


got bashed into the nose with a cricket bat as a young’un and now i have sinus problems frequently. sometimes have to use a neti pot which is about the most unpleasant experience going.


I had a cold a few weeks ago and since then, my nostrils feel smaller?
Like they’ve shrunk?
When I breathe in through them sometimes, they suck right up if that makes sense


No complaints, except I have a cold atm. I also have a mole on one side but it’s the same colour as the rest of the nose, so not very noticeable.