Tell me about your nose.
Like it? Hate it? Want to pay someone to smash it up? Distinguishing features?
Anyone got any nose puns? God only noes?


I despise my nose. I saw a photo of me from the side about two years ago and noticed my nose points down a little bit. Haven’t been able to look myself in the face since.


There’s a joke in that.


Sounds like you’re cutting your nose off to spite your face


My nose is fine, nothing noteworthy about it which is exactly how I like it tbh


It’s visually fine. Certainly wouldn’t be the target of caricature. Just permanently slightly blocked, so I’m not a massive fan for that reason.


broken mine twice so it’s a bit steve ogrizovic but not too bad considering


mine is thin and a bit pointy

it’s fine I guess

In recent years it has been blighted with hairs - both long hairs growing in the nostrils, plus hairs sprouting on the top of my nose

Some of these hairs are white. BAD


Could be better, could be worse.

Let’s not talk about nostril hair though, whatever we do.




The sign of a distinguished gentleman


too late


Yup this. Because I am old, hairs grow out of the tip of my nose and therefore I now have to take a minor detour when I’m shaving.

To be honest this is pretty pointless vanity, considering the amount of hair that grows out of my ears that I can never be arsed dealing with.


I’m sure I’ve crowed about this before but 2 people on 2 different occasions have told me I have ‘the nose of a model’. It’s such a weird thing to say to somebody so I’ve never forgotten it. It’s very thin so I assume that’s why they think it’s a model schnozz?! Fuck nose(!!!11)


A nose model in the same way that some people are hand models?

Like you could get work doing adverts for coffee or cut flowers and stuff?


really never though of it so who nose




my ears are also a disgrace

I have a trimmer thing though - dealing with it is a bit like this


I think you need to be a nose AND eye model for that gig.


It’s a bit small but I like it. Had to get surgery to widen my nostrils when I was 12 because the slightest cold closed them right up. Warning - gross I was sneezing bits of flesh out for days after including what looked like shards of gristle it was fucking disgusting