Nostalgic meals



I was feeling glum earlier this week so had a Pukka pie, mash and beans for tea. It cheered me right up because it made me feel nostalgic for a simpler time when I was a child. Should have rounded it off with Angel Delight for pudding too really.

What food / meals reminds you of your childhood? Or, if you don’t like that angle, what did you eat for dinner when you were a kid?

My mum sometimes made Super Noodles and served them with dinner.


Crispy Pancakes




Which flavour?


Bolognese, used to have it every tuesday when I got home from swimming class when I was a kid, brings back really strong memories, not sure why


With (Birdseye potato) waffles and baked beans.


Waffley versatile


And now you’re singing it in your head.


They go with beans bangers…
Can’t remember the next bit


Really bloody like Birdeye waffles.






ecstacy, marijuana, nicotine and alcohol


You got 30 on the psychopath test didn’t you?


found a crispy pancake down the back of my mates sofa when we were nippers

got an ok anecdote to go with it too, if anyone is interested


Beans on toast always puts me in a really good place. Or tomato soup with buttery bread. <3


Heinz cream of tomato soup for me. With a cheese sandwich


Those horrible frozen cheeeburgers, pre-Rustlers. My mum used to keep a healthy stock in the freezer after I started college so I had something to munch on when I came home drunk.

A simpler time. :slight_smile:


Sausage and chips. Specifically those really crappy chip shop sausages that are basically like a weird paste.

cauliflower cheese
big roast
fish fingers


Sausage, Egg, Chips & Beans is a Nostalgic and unhealthy meal. I will usually have it maybe once over the winter period to remember.

Also, I have been having the odd Mugshot for an afternoon work snack, and the tomato one really reminds me of having tomato soup from the vending machine when I used to go to swimming lessons as a nipper.


Only if it’s an ok anecdote and not a good one.