...not alive anymore

There used to be a lot of “Top 100 guitar solos of all time” articles which would say that the song Alive by Pearl Jam was one of them. I think for Social and not Musical reasons, this has changed


Maybe I should have posted this on the News & Politics board, maybe it’s changed for political reasons idk

I see your game here ma0sm

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Have I got a little story for you

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Alive by P.O.D is better

What does P.O.D stand for?

Payable on Death


got little legs

Ah no wait, that’s e.t.

and “short for”

Hey @TKC, what’s E.T. short for?

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Do you know what those reasons are?

Whatever they are, I feel that Buckingham Palace are responsible


Makes it sound like a football team.

(It’s true that the Queen’s vote on those listicles was always weighted a huge deal. Expect more upsets in the future such as gravy on chips shooting up the chip topping charts.)

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'E’s a Twat

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