Not embarrassed in the slightest to say that...

Call the Midwife’s a right treat and probably my TV highlight of the week.

T’riffic telly.


Especially love the relationship between Minty and his son, aka The Lads. Not seen such top japes since Vernon Scripps and David.


So many beautiful interactions and moments. One of my favourites (although it makes me cry every week- hormonal catnip).

It’s absolutely dreadful. Have had to sit through loads of it being home.


You have no heart! My boyfriend allegedly loathes it but at least admits to having a bit of grit in his eye sometimes. :joy:

Whats not to like? Tonight was a :cry:

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It’s a solid show for watching when you’re at your parents-in-law’s house. Perfectly watchable and safe.

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I’ve just watched it on catch up and had to have a brandy and a big cry. Quite triggering tonight for anyone who’s had neonatal complications but so SO beautifully handled. The character development around reggie and mae’s respective families is so delightful. When they all smoke on screen I really want a fag more than anything else and I’m nearly 5 years since giving up.
Not every garden blooms as we expect it, despite our care, not every child can thrive, tears take the place of rain and the sunshine fails us, but the buds, however delicate, were perfect, they were real, they’re a fleeting scent who’ll live forever on the air.

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Plenty of timeless 60s bangers on the soundtrack. Though nowhere near as many as Heartbeat.

Have had to sit through the Christmas specials for about a decade and they’re always dull af.

Alright, lads?