Not even on Facebook audit (05/09/17)


Just so we know who’s in the cool gang and who isn’t.

  • I’m on Facebook
  • I’m not even on Facebook

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High five!


Seems like it’s all the hot sexy people who are not on Facebook

  • I’m on Instagram
  • I’m not on Instagram
  • I was on Instagram but the non-chronological feed irked me

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  • I’m on Twitter
  • Twitter? Just for trolls these days m7637628

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  • Snapchat
  • Adult

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Bit mean - but probably true.

  • I don’t use Google plus
  • I don’t use Google plus.

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Any dating sites

  • Yes - the boring ones for tories (eharmony etc.)
  • Yes - the hideous ones for horny students (tinder etc.)
  • Yes - Both the above types
  • Just DiS

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  • Ello
  • Hahaha, how embarrassing for all the smuggos who thought they were early adopters

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DiS Premium

  • Obviously
  • I’m a big fan of rotten compromises

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  • I’m a cunt
  • I might be a cunt, but at least I’m not on fucking LinkedIn

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all of these need an option of ‘set a profile up once and haven’t logged in since’



  • fuck no
  • misandry is a very serious problem

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Read but don’t post (penoid stuff, obviously) and give up on it in a huff about twice a week. Then I need something to read while doing a big poo and the cycle begins anew.

  • quit facebook (trying to be cool)
  • never been on facebook (cool)
  • on facebook (loser)

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Love Facebook


Apart from DiS and having a Yahoo e-mail address I’m on NOTHING else.


Facebook has a ghost profile based on your yahoo contacts waiting for you, may as well give in


I lurk there a lot but I don’t actually have a user account.