Not getting notifications


I’ve stopped getting a number on my icon in the top right for notifications, if I click on it the list of notifications are there but there’s nothing to prompt it. This is on chrome and chrome for android, and started yesterday evening

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ooh so it turns out if I’ve got the site open a number will flash up on that icon for a second or two when I get a notification, then disappear. @1101010 @NigelAmerica


Did you click that thing to let the site give you notifications through Chrome?

Can you try a different browser to see what happens?


what thing? I was getting the pop-up notifications if that’s what you mean, but I’m not getting the blue number in the top right corner anymore, can you reply to this and I’ll check in IE


Okay sure. I think it’s pop-up notifications? There’s some weird setting where the browser can actually give you notifications as if it’s an app. I seem to recall it popped up for here. I may be thinking of Android only, though.


Nothing on IE either :confused:


I had the thing with pop-up notifications and I received them (on my home laptop anyway)


I’ll see if I can find anything. Seems weird for sure :frowning:


no one’s liking your posts, m8


seems like it’s working now, weird


you left your account logged in somewhere and someone is checking your notifications before you