Not Going Out (TV show)

Best comedy on TV atm

No it’s shite


i can only hope that this disagreement does not cause the very fabric of DiS to rip apart :scream:


saw some of it for the first time a few weeks back. just a string of tim vine jokes in a given scenario

There are really annoying children in it now. Like, aggressively irritating

so badly written. they clearly start by writing the punchlines, then try to work backgrounds to come up with the really clunky setups.

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much like my posts here

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i think Curb does the same thing

  • best comedy on tv atm
  • bag of shite

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Lee Wack

Load of shit (never seen it)

It’s one of those things that the babies on here get really upset and angry about, like Subway. Funny as fuck.

I saw the one on Friday and laughed out loud multiple times

They’re the polar opposite of why Outnumbered worked

I feel like Theresa May will be judging me when she reads this thread and finds my sole contribution to it is the slagging off of infants

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THERESA MAY: Whoever is in charge of the Internet! Come to my office, pronto!!!


WIICOFTI JOHNSON: What’s up, Theresa?

THERESA MAY: Look at this screenshot from the message board of popular alternative music website Drowned in Sound and tell me what you see

WIICOFTI JOHNSON: Why, Tee-Tee, it seems to be an image of your visage

THERESA MAY: Exactly! And as an aside, I liked your choice of diction. Very casual. So we can ascertain with no uncertainty whatsoever that these cyber-ruffians have kidnapped my online avatar and imprisoned my internet-self in their computer dungeon realm. Can you clarify?

WIICOFTI JOHNSON: I want to stress that I’m not actually in charge of the Internet. I’m just a caretaker. My parents were strange people, giving me a strange name, made stranger still by the fact that I was born in the 1950s

THERESA MAY: No time to get bogged down in your computer jargon, the only recourse left is to colonise and destroy the Internet. Go and do that, please.


THERESA MAY: We have no time to lose???

WIICOFTI JOHNSON starts to walk out, resigned to having to complete the task of destroying the Internet, when suddenly he is stopped in his tracks

THERESA MAY: (stopping WIICOFTI in his tracks) Wait! I’m being a fool!

WIICOFTI JOHNSON: (relieved) I’m glad you’ve reconsidered, because I’m really not–

THERESA MAY: If my avatar is in the internet when we destroy it, then I will die too! You’ll have to hack into the mainframe first, free my cyberself and then destroy it. Lest I be torn to pieces by cybershards of network shrapnel!


THERESA MAY: (rambling) Of course, my avatar may have been infected with a computer virus which means you will be registered as an enemy within the walls of whatever data node my cyberbody is being imprisoned in. You’ll need to go to the quartermaster’s office and pick up some new softs; do you need a tutorial to explain how to use the softs to manipulate the world of cyberspace?
() YES
Well, WIICOFTI press the TRIANGLE button to enter into your character menu, and then scroll down to SOFTS. There are all kinds of softs in the world, and they can be fitted into slots on your weapons and armour. Some combinations of weapons and softs may even create new abilities… (continuing on)

– Leaked extract from a government document entitled “Conservative Party Considerations On Managing The Internet”