Not had a BLT sanger for ages


  • BLT is a good sandwich
  • BLT is a soggy overrated disaster

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Not if you make it right there and then. Tomato enhances nearly all sandwiches.


Place near me does(did?) BLT’s with a little saucer of tomato chutney instead of a massive slice of beef tomato. Vast improvement.


Miss BLT

By soggy and overrated are you talking about a supermarket BLT? Because a freshly made BLT is a thing of wonder


The shops are still selling all the ingredients you know

Yeah a supermarket sanger with tomato on it is never a good idea

I’m a veggie dickhead now

Tell you what’s been my saving grace against huge weight gains this lockdown: I’m not eating as many M&S train station sandwiches as before. Usually went for whatever had a yellow sticker - if it was a BLT, bonus.

Horrific, I know.


The crappest sandwich going

B = Crap when cold
L = Crap
T = Soggy and crap

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I used to eat a lot of supermarket sandwiches. So so salty

Again, I would argue this is true for a supermarket sandwich. But if you make it fresh at home It’s wonderful and I’ll fight anyone who disputes that


I am steadfastly of the opinion that “nobody has ever made a good sandwich at home”



That’s a really, really terrible opinion. You must make bad sandwiches.

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Homemade sandwiches are the best sandwiches! One of life’s great joys is having a loaf of homemade or bakery bread, a table of cheeses, meats, pickles and a little salad, and constructing a sandwich of your choosing. Probably one of my favourite things about Christmas is having this kind of lunchtime meal every day for a week.

I do, they’re absolutely dire!

I regret watching Quiz now!

Oh no!