Not had Chinese style lemon chicken in ages


Must put that right soon.


gonna order chinese for the first time in Spain tonight.

this one’s on me, pal


Woah. Might need to take it to the things I’ve been slow to realise thread but salsa is just Spanish for sauce isn’t it

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Absolutely love lemon chicken but my partner loathes it so whenever we get Chinese we don’t get lemon chicken (as we share our dishes).
I might go for a Chinese for lunch by myself one day this week and have a lonely, solo lemon chicken.


Used to eat lemon chicken and chips a lot during my salad days

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Never shared a Chinese with anyone


Never had lemon chicken and never seen anyone get it


That’s a hell of a salad


you’re missing out big time jordo



Sharing is best cos then you really get 2x as much tastes. Or 3-4x if you’re sharing in a bigger group (my mum doesn’t share though so Chinese round at theirs isn’t fun) And you don’t get fed up a third of the way through because you have variety.


Always up for sharing most foods, just not really Chinese. Dunno why